Harbour Queen 1 runs into trouble. Rescued.

The Halifax tour boat  Harbour Queen 1 appears to have run into trouble around 8:30pm tonight. the vessel was attended to by Atlantic Oak, Halifax Tugger, and the Coast guard. Passengers were evacuated to the Peggys Cove Express and the vessel was reported secure along side the cable wharf by Halifax Tugger just after 9pm.

I have no additional details – will update when i learn more.

Update. I have seen photos posted to Facebook the show the harbour queen on breakwater rocks at point pleasant park along halterm. The photos can be found at: https://m.facebook.com/groups/260587024079958?view=permalink&id=963367327135254

The story so far is that the harbour Queen Lost power and dropped anchor. She began  dragging the anchor. Peggy’s Cove Express Evacuated the 32 passengers off the harbour queen before she drifted on the rocks. Halifax Tugger and Atlantic oak then pulled her off the rocks and returned her to the cable wharf.

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4 thoughts on “Harbour Queen 1 runs into trouble. Rescued.

  1. Darrell morrell

    My wife and I two friends where on this boat it went from calm to panic .As far as I can see no one was captain or in charge we jumped boats but never offered life jackets bad experience for our first time

  2. Elva Turner

    My husband and I were on this boat that night and it was terrifying, the crew of both boats did not follow any kind of procedure no one knew what they were doing. The guy on the other boat was hollering and screaming at us and we were never given life jackets. I will never ever go back on this dinner cruise again.

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