Maersk Palermo and Labour action in Montreal?

A Sunday call for MSC Annick (at Pier 41) and Maersk Palermo.

Both ships call on Montreal where due to a questionable labour situation, Container volumes were down 10% in March. This led to the Employers association revoking some pay guarantees, which looks to have goaded the union into a limited labour action – the details of which will be announced at a press conference Monday afternoon.

CCGS Edward Cornwallis renamed

Though the federal government has yet to publicly announce the new name for the CCGS Edward Cornwallis which is currently undergoing refit at Shelburne ship repair, they have updated the Canadian Vessel Registry with it.

CCGS Edward Cornwallis is now registered as CCGS Kopit Hopson 1752.

The name is a reference to the 2 signatories of the 1752 Peace and friendship treaty between the Mi’kmaq people and the British which was signed By Chief Kopit, and Cornwallis’ successor as Governor of Nova Scotia, Peregrine Thomas Hopson in November 1752.

Last March I devoted a post and a herald column to advocating for the ship to be renamed post refit.

Container ship blocks Suez

The 20000TEU Ever Given lost power and wedged itself into the bank of the Suez Canal, blocking traffic in both directions. The Suez Canal saves about 12 days sailing time around Africa, so right now shipping lines are likely trying to decide if its better to wait or divert, knowing their schedules are now going to be thrown out of whack by the closure.

There look to be about 8 tugs on scene, and there is an excavator digging sand at the bow. Below is a photo and narrative for a crew member on the US Flagged Maersk Denver.

Several Halifax Services including the Oceans Alliance (CMA-CGM) and The Alliance (Hapag-Lloyd) rely on routing through the SUEZ Canal

UPDATE – ships managers are claiming all machinery was in working order, so the reason for the grounding is unclear. The ship is still stuck

Crude Oil Tanker

The Ridgebury Lindy B arrived at anchorage 1 after discharging her load of crude oil in Saint John. The Ship spent 2 days in Halifax with divers from RMI working on the vessel.

the ship was built in 2007, and sailed this evening for Come By Chance NL. With the CLosing of the refineries in Dartmouth, crude oil tankers have become a rare sight in Halifax.

Siem Hanne Sold.

Siem Hanne has been sold. The ship is now PSV Hakan, flagged in Panama, and is Istanbul as her destination.

There was some thought that the ship would go back to Siem, Secunda’s parent company with no further work in the Nova Scotia Offshore, but it looks as though it has been outright sold.

The ship had been laid up at COVE with fleetmate Siem Commander. Siem Commander did manage to find some towing work, but has otherwise been laid up at COVE.

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