CCGS Louis St. Laurent at Pier 9

The CCGS Louis St. Laurent ,the Coast Guards second oldest ship, and one of 2 heavy icebreakers arrived in port Monday. On Arrival, she topped up the tanks at the Irving Oil Wharf. and then moved to the basin off BIO, before tieing up at Pier 9 Tuesday morning.

Formerly based in Halifax, the ship was moved to St. John’s Newfoundland. The ship is likely here for Supplies and crew change, but given the proximity to the end of the federal fiscal year, may be on some budget maximization exercise until April 1.

edit – yah i know, i had the other Saint John.

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Weekly News #39

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the bulker St Clair, Laid up in Toledo Ohio Caught fire, and burned for 2 days. An Algoma Bulker laid up in Port Colburne Ontario, the Algoma Guardian, also in winter layup suffered a smoke condition due to an overheated Transformer.


This week I make the case for Halifax Fire to get a new Fireboat, and for the Feds to pay for it. Shipfax has a good overview of the history of the craft in Halifax.

3.ECTug Sold
the Foundation Maritime property has been sold to develop Nova Scotia – formerly waterfront Development. Hopefully they wont ruin one of the last vestiges of the industrial waterfront. The Waterfront Warehouse, Salvage shed, and dispatch building were all part of the Foundation maritime company.

4.Feds looking for interm icebreaker
The Coast Guard is looking to procure a Light Icebreaker for use in the Great Lakes and St Lawrence river. The Vessel would also tend to navaids, and SAR Duties. The CCGS Earl Grey, based in Halifax is one variation of light icebreaker currently in use.  The government is looking to procure an existing vessel, and modify it to suit, with the actual contract award for the winter 20/21 time frame. 
They could just re-assign the Earl Grey to the lakes, and pick up another medium or the Heavy that Davie Proposed. The Samuel Risley is the twin of earl Grey, and is assigned to the lakes now.


  1. Ice Class vs Ice Breaker Marine Insight offers a good article on Ice class ships, vs icebreakers


Feb 21 1796: Halifax harbour freezes over.
Feb 20 1797: Nelson is promoted to Rear Admiral of the Blue
Feb 18 1846: US Secretary of the Navy George Bancroft officially changed term “larboard” to “port” to avoid confusion
Feb 18 1815: The United States ratifies the Treaty of Ghent, thus ending the War of 1812

Better late then Never. the weekly news #38


1.MSPV Unstable

CBC is reporting that the newish Mid Shore patrol vessels bob about uncomfortably. though the design is proven, the Canadian boats were built without stabilizes (that the USCG boats have) and the RHIB arrangement can make them top heavy.

We covered the construction program for these ships.

2.Im not Dead yet
The CCGS Hudson refit was awarded to Newdock in St John’s Newfoundland. the ship is being stripped before heading to the yard for the 25th.

3.West Coast Catches up
The Haida Gwaii Observer wrote about the Alam Sayang, a ship that was disabled off the BC Coast, that I wrote about last week. its a problem when the first public telling of the story comes from the east coast

4.Sunken Frigate
the Helge Ingstad will need 6 days of good weather to be lifted and moved.

5. Ships Start here
CSC Design contract was awarded to Lockheed Martin/BAE in an announcement last Friday at the shipyard.

6. This Week in the Herald

This week i talk about the ship source oil pollution fund, its recent wins in court, and how the province should claim costs for the Miners removal.


this is worth a Zoom in.


Feb 14 – Battle of St Vincent’s were the British defeated the Spanish off Portugal.
Feb 13 1779 – James cook is killed by natives in the Hawaiian islands.
Feb 10 1722 – Bartholomew Roberts is killed in battle. He is better known as the pirate Black Bart

CCGS Matthew Sold

the ex CCGS Matthew was sold in October, and finally had its registry updated Feb 6. The ship is now Known as the Miss M J, and is owned by a numbered company in Goose Bay, Labrador Newfoundland.

Per the terms of Sale, the Buyer has 10 (from Feb 6) days to remove the ship from BIO.

Said numbered company looks to own the Hotel North One, in Goose Bay, which is the registered address of the company.

Halterm announces new crane and other equipment

Arrival of 2 New SPPX Cranes in Halifax, 2013.

Halterm announced it has Procured the Equipment required to add another Crane unit – with options for a second.

The Equipment ordered, Includes a new SPPX Container crane, capable of reaching 24bays across, to be delivered in June 2020. 2 New RTG’s, and 9 new yard tractors and container chasis will support the crane in the terminal.

Delivery should coincide with the completion of the terminal expansion.

See Our post on How a Container Terminal works.

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