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The New Mackay Bridge

Buried in HHB’s submission to the UARB for a toll increase, is the options study for rehabbing the Mackay Bridge. The Study comes to the conclusion that a new bridge is probably the best way forward, to be in service for 2040.

when it was built, the MacKay was built more lightly then a modern bridge would be. this means it flexes more, and is prone to more wear. it also means rehabbing the bridge is going to me more difficult then doing the MacDonald bridge.

The preferred alignment for the new bridge is the blue line, which leads to a 500m suspended span between the towers. there is more land and space available to the north of the bridge, and alignment 3 (in green) would require demolition of houses in Halifax. the red option is for a 800m cable stay bridge that goes clear across bio.

The new bridge is would feature 2 traffic lanes in each direction, with a third transit priority lane, and Active transportation lanes on both sides of the bridge. The new bridge deck would be 10m (~30′) higher then the current deck for ship clearance and to accommodate 100 year sea level change.

above is the 500m centre span cable stay bridge. It is considered to be the most economical option, and features concrete H towers. it would be similar to the current bridge footprint, just to the north.

below is the 800m centre span bridge. the towers for this bridge are both located on land and the bridge clears BIO by 65m.

below is the tower comparison for the 800m centre span bridge compared to the current towers.

This bridge also looks the best. Please build this one.

the study also covered replacement suspension bridges, and options for rehabilitating and twining the current bridge. You can read the full report here (7mb .pdf)

Singelgracht Towed in.

Singelgracht was towed into port this Evening by Siem Commander, and tied up at Pier 9. Siem Commander sailed early this morning to rendezvous with the ship which was sailing from Zeebruges, Belgium for Philadelphia. It looks to have gotten into trouble off the Nova Scotia Coast.

Siem Commander had be laid up at COVE. You can see the tow line tailing behind in the photo Below.

UPDATE: Singelgracht at Pier 9 earlier today (jan 24th). There was no activity noted around the ship.

AOPS #3 Mega Block Rollout

This Friday morning brought the rollout of Megablock #1 for AOPS #3, the future HMCS Max Bernays. The Stern block moved onto the ramp Saturday.

AOPS #2 was Launched Nov 10 2019. Its Bow was Added May 3 2019, and the first two blocks rolled out Sept 21/18. if the Harry DeWolf schedule is any indication, the AOPS #2, the Margaret Brooke should be ready for trials soon. AOPS #1, Harry DeWolf, began trials 10 days after the The Margaret Brooke was launched. The Margaret Brooke powered up Jan 5th for the first time using its own power.

ISI Photo via Twitter

CSL Tarantau at Pier 9

CSL Tarantau arrived at Pier 9 today for some work. A crane and an assortment of vehicles was noticed by the accommodation block, and the self unloading arm is swung out of the way. The ship is not appearing on AIS, suggesting it is partially powered down.

CSL Tarantau was is a Panamax Trilium Class vessel, built as Balto for Klaveness to operate in the CSL America’s International pool. in 2015, Klaveness sold its ships to pool Partners CSL and Algoma.

Il-76 at YHZ

This lyushin-76TD is operated by Russian cargo airline Volga Dnepr. It arrived in Halifax on Friday, and spent the weekend near the gateway terminal, in a spot excellent for viewing. UPDATE: Scheduled to depart on the 15th. There is no word on a departure time.

The design went into operation in the early 70’s, however this example is an upgraded civilian example from 2004. Size wise, this plane is slightly smaller then a C-17.

AlgoNorth at Pier 25

Algoma’s Newest tanker looks to have laid up at Pier 25. The ship sailed from Sarnia, and delivered a load of Product to the Imperial Oil terminal before moving to Pier 25.

The ship still carries its original red hull with white boot-top stripe from previous owners Swedish firm Alvtank Rederi , compared to the traditional Algoma tankers dark blue hull, with beige superstructure. Algoma acquired the vessel in 2018.

Venture Sea Sold

The Venture Sea, one of Secunda’s offshore vessels has been sold. the ships Canadian registry closed Dec 22, and it is now named Jarvis, and Registered in Vanuatu. The New owner is Virgo Ships limited, and it is Managed by Hermes Maritime services, both are Indian firms. Venture Sea was built in 1998 by Halter marine.

Jarvis is due back in Halifax Jan 8th after spending November and December at Shelburne Ship repair. This would suggest that the ship will be put to work, and not beached for recycling. Jarvis will fuel at the irving dock, and move to Pier 27 later in the day.

Venture Sea was on contract with Exxon Mobile to work the Sable offshore project. That development ceased production and the wells capped in 2019, putting the ship out of work. Outside offshore work, in 2014 the Venture Sea towed the disabled Australian Spirit into Halifax for repairs. This past September, Venture Sea completed an emergency tow in the Davis Straight. after delivering the disabled Bulk carrier to Nuuk Greenland, Venture Sea headed for Shelburne Ship repair.

Previous Secunda Vessels Pankue Sea (Now Kydy Sea) and Ryan Leat are now working in the Caribbean. Burin Sea and Trinity sea were recycled in turkey in January 2020.

UPDATE Jan 18: Jarvis is now reporting Gibraltar as her destination, with an eta of the 31st. She may be bound for Turkish or Indian beaches after all.

Big Changes to the SeaPort farmers Market

The Port Authority announced big changes the Seaport Farmers Market today. Going forward, it will be a primarily outdoor market on weekends, moving into Pier 22 on weekends in the winter (presumably when that space is unneeded for the cruise vendors) the Outdoor market will be covered, and renderings show it to be located in the parking lots at Pier 20.

The current Building at pier 20 will be renamed The PIER which is short for Port Innovation, Engagement and Research. It will be renovated to add leased storefront space for retail and restaurant, and the rest will become a living lab for the Transportation industry.

The PIER will become an innovation center for local companies connected to shipping and transportation, supply chain and logistics, and Maritime policy development to conduct meetings and collaborate.

The transition will take place beginning Mid March.

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