Harry Dewolf Launch this Week

the future HMCS Harry Dewolf had had the tarps taken down and is the correct shade of grey, with black boot topping and red below the waterline. some touch ups remain, but the SPMT transporters look ready to go to move the ship onto the Launching Barge.

I hear the launch is targeted for the 14th or 15th.

Updates will be Posted at https://blog.halifaxshippingnews.ca/2018/09/harry-dewolf-almost.html  as they are known. they will not show up on the Mainpage.

UPDATE: Rollback photos Posted here

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3 thoughts on “Harry Dewolf Launch this Week

  1. James DeWolf

    Thanks very much for this blog. I am following along. A photo of HMCS Harry DeWolf on board the BoaBarge37 would be great to see.

    Jim DeWolf

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  3. James DeWolf

    Thank you Peter for the Harry DeWolf Barge Loading Photos. Much appreciated!

    Some trivia for you re USS Arleigh Burke (Sept 7 blog).
    Arleigh Burke and Harry DeWolf met frequently in the early 1950’s when Burke was Chief of Naval Operations and DeWolf was in Washington DC as as Principal Military Advisor to the Canadian Ambassador in Washington, Chairman Canadian Joint Staff Washington, Representative in Washington of the Chiefs of Staff, Canadian Representative of the Military Representatives Committee of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Canadian Liaison Representative to Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic.



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