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Brett Ruskin’s secret life as Gumby, and other news #27

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this week in the Herald, I talk about the quiet end to Maersk lines short lived MMX Service, Congestion problems in the uk caused in part by software, the shelved merger of Horizon Maritime and their new ship, plus some other updates.

4000TEU Boats are getting scrapped at a fast rate – with 52 heading for the heap in the last 30 days.


Kracken Robotics, produced imagery of 2 sunken submarines and a ship off Rhode Island to bolster work for their protection.

4.North Korea’s hidden Ships
from the Wall Street Journal – how North Korea uses a fleet of ships to fund the regime.

5.Brett Ruskin gets wet

CBC Reporter goes through sea survival training.


1.cats getting in the way.


Nov 27, 1770 – Horatio Nelson entered the Royal Navy as a midshipman in HMS Raisonnable.

Nov 25, 1944 – HMCS Shawinigan was torpedoed in the Cabot Strait. 90 lost

Nov 23, 1809 – Famed pirate Edward Jordan hanged at Freshwater Bridge, in Point Pleasant Park. His skeleton remained hanging for years after

Nov 22, 1718 – Captain Edward Teach, AKA ‘Blackbeard’ is killed by Lt. Maynard, R.N. off the coast of Virginia.

Nov 22, 1957 – the first ship passes through the Iroquois Lock at Cornwall, as the new St Lawrence Seaway opens for traffic

CCGS Corporal McLaren MMV refloated last night.

the CCGS Corporal McLaren MMV was successfully re-floated and towed to the government wharf in sambro last night. the attempt started in the afternoon, and the ship was floating fully by 8pm.

Shore based pumps dewatered the ship, while the CCGS Sambro stood by behind the ship, providing additional scene lighting. A large crane on scene was reportedly for repairs to the cradle, but could be seen swing equipment over to the Mclaren.

there was no update on the police investigation.

Bad weekend for Via Rail

it was a bad weekend for train operations in Nova Scotia.

Sunday, the VIA rail train that arrived on Saturday was being turned around, when it derailed. the train was unoccupied at the time, and the equipment was removed Sunday night. As this incident blocked all access to Halterm, its possible some delyas in container movements happened.

Friday afternoon, a Via Employee was stepping off train 15 (the Halifax to Montreal Ocean)  as it slowly pulled into the station at Truro when he got caught, fell and was struck by the train. a 63 year old man was taken to Hospital in Halifax , with serious injuries.

An earlier news report said he had a severed leg. though the veracity of that is unknown.

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Dumping Stuff in the Ocean – The News #26

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1. New ships Meet
the USS Michael Monsoor – a Zumwalt class destroyer and the HMS Queen Elizabeth met for a photo op.

2. This Weeks Column

this week in the Herald, I talk about the act of Piracy that put the CCGS Corporal McLaren MMV in the water, and the effect this has had on the ships namesakes family.

3. Northern Pulp.
the survey boat has left, after local fisherman blocked it from surveying. I’m hearing there may be a request for a court injunction to block the fisherman from blocking the boat. The proper solution is for northern pulp to move to a closed loop system, where they don’t dump crap in the fishing grounds – or at least do a proper environmental assessment.

4.Biggest Oil Spill ever.
the Leak from the Searose FPSO off newfoundland is now the biggest oil spill in NF history. It appears the oil has dissipated on its own.

5.Missing Sub Found
the missing Argentinian Navy Submarine was found last week, a year and a day after it went missing. The Sub was found by a US firm, crushed in 800m of water.

6.Ship in Trouble
A bulk carrier sailing from Port Cartier PQ ran into trouble, and sailed for the US. she has since set back off for Europe.


1. where the RCN is
This map is produced by Stephen Watkins, who tracks navy ships with publicly available information. He blogs about it at you can read about his map in this blog post.

2. mileage?


Nov 21, 1787 – Sir Samuel Cunard was born in Halifax. He is credited with creating scheduled trans-atlantic passenger service with steam ships.

Nov 21, 1954 – HMCS Labrador becomes the first vessel to circumnavigate north america traveling west via the northwest passge, and east via the panama canal.

Nov 20, 1969 – CSS Hudson sailed from halifax on her circumnavigation of both North and South America.

Nov 18, 1942 – HMCS Goderich and tanker Locoma collide in halifax harbour. the minesweeper took 3 weeks to repair.

Nov 16th 1857 – PO WIlliam Hall becomes the first Nova Scotian, first black person, and third Canadian to be awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions at Lucknow. He was serving abord HMS Shannon at the time.

This week in the Herald…

this week in the Herald, I talk about the act of Piracy that put the CCGS Corporal McLearn MMV in the water, and the effect this has had on the ships namesakes family.

The CME Shipyard has lax security. The yard appears to have cameras, but isn’t surrounded by fence. Given the timelines, it appears the yard did not have a security guard on site 24/7 despite being required too by the statement of work issued by the government.  CME said that the ship was fine at midnight, but was in the water at the next check. We don’t know the time of that check, however the police stated in a release they received the call at 9:05am.

Tasing Swan for the Coasting Trade.

The products tanker Tasing Swan arrived at pier 9 yesterday. Today a coasting trade application was filed by Petro-Nav to use the tanker to shuttle refined product from the refinery in Levis to ports around the great lakes before the seaway shuts down at the end of December.

Petro-Nav cited delays in its tankers returning from arctic work as the reason the coasting trade license is required. Petro-Nav currently has at least 5 tankers working on coasting trade licenses in Canadian waters.

Given the volume of product being carried domestically by foreign flagged ships, Canadian fleet expansion should be in order.

Saturday traffic

(Above)Atlantic Sail inbound at the ferry track Saturday morning. (Below) Catharine Schulte for Melfi lines, and the tanker Jinan at anchor in the basin, waiting on weather. both ships sailed early afternoon.

Nor’easter (below) also sailed, after waiting on weather.

An Act of Piracy – CCGS Corporal Mclaren is Damaged


Early Saturday morning, the CCGS Corporal Mclaren was sabotaged, when 2 cables and a chain were cut at the CME Shipyard in Sambro Head. the cradle the boat was on slid back, and the MSPV came off the blocks. there was some water ingress.

From statements made by CME, we know the ship was fine at the midnight check, and in the water at the subsequent check. A call to Halifax fire for fuel leaking from a boat was reported at 0751 by @hrmfirewire on twitter. the yard has cameras, but no fence, so its easy to gain access, though its unclear if anything was caught on tape.

the boat was on the lift for 6 weeks of maintenance. general repair and upkeep. A few modifications were being made the vessel, including new electronics, rope cutters on the shafts, and additional limber holes in the engine room bilge.



the ship was built by Halifax Shipyards, as the 6th of 9 Hero Class midshore patrol vessels. she first emerged for painting in in May 2013, and the ship was launched in September 2013. the launching was witnessed by Corporal Mclaren’s family, after i was contacted by Canadian Heros, and they were able to get an invite to the launch. the ship was fitted out at pier 9, and went on trials in October, and was accepted by the coast guard at the end of the month. She was formally commissioned in June of 2014, at a ceremony at BIO

CME Posted these photos to their facebook page of the work period.



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