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Weeklyish News #40

this feature seems to come and go. its see if we can maintain a long run of this.


1.Women Running Ships.
Charlene Munden is Captain of the Laker Tim S. Dool. The F/V Nellie Row out of Lunenburg sails with an all female crew.

2. Labour
Quebec/PEI Ferry operator sued by Seafarers union over temporary foreign workers.

3. CG needs ships
lack of vessels is a problem for the CG. a Fall survey was canceled after the ship used in the spring was unsuitable, Plus there are no functioning buoy tenders on the East coast due to refits and work periods.

4.Ghost ship
the Lubov Orlova appears again in this CBC Long Read.


Nov 18 1942: HMCS GODERICH is damaged in collision with the tanker Iocoma, in Halifax harbour, requiring three weeks of repairs.

Nov 16 1857: PO William Hall earns Victoria Cross while serving in HMS SHANNON at Relief of Lucknow, India. He is 1st Candian, Black and Nova Scotian Sailor to be awarded the VC.

Nov 15 1991: HMCS ALGONQUIN, while undergoing post-TRUMP tilting/incline trials at Halifax, takes on water and lists to 25 degrees on her port side.

Nov 15 1987: The freighter Hosanna I registered in Honduras sinks without a trace off Cape Race Newfoundland. All the crew of 33 are lost.

Nov 13 1942: USS Juneau was sunk in the Pacific. All five brothers of the Sullivan family, Waterloo, Iowa were killed.

Nov 12 1912: The frozen bodies of Robert Scott and his men are found on the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica.

Weekly News #39

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the bulker St Clair, Laid up in Toledo Ohio Caught fire, and burned for 2 days. An Algoma Bulker laid up in Port Colburne Ontario, the Algoma Guardian, also in winter layup suffered a smoke condition due to an overheated Transformer.


This week I make the case for Halifax Fire to get a new Fireboat, and for the Feds to pay for it. Shipfax has a good overview of the history of the craft in Halifax.

3.ECTug Sold
the Foundation Maritime property has been sold to develop Nova Scotia – formerly waterfront Development. Hopefully they wont ruin one of the last vestiges of the industrial waterfront. The Waterfront Warehouse, Salvage shed, and dispatch building were all part of the Foundation maritime company.

4.Feds looking for interm icebreaker
The Coast Guard is looking to procure a Light Icebreaker for use in the Great Lakes and St Lawrence river. The Vessel would also tend to navaids, and SAR Duties. The CCGS Earl Grey, based in Halifax is one variation of light icebreaker currently in use.  The government is looking to procure an existing vessel, and modify it to suit, with the actual contract award for the winter 20/21 time frame. 
They could just re-assign the Earl Grey to the lakes, and pick up another medium or the Heavy that Davie Proposed. The Samuel Risley is the twin of earl Grey, and is assigned to the lakes now.


  1. Ice Class vs Ice Breaker Marine Insight offers a good article on Ice class ships, vs icebreakers


Feb 21 1796: Halifax harbour freezes over.
Feb 20 1797: Nelson is promoted to Rear Admiral of the Blue
Feb 18 1846: US Secretary of the Navy George Bancroft officially changed term “larboard” to “port” to avoid confusion
Feb 18 1815: The United States ratifies the Treaty of Ghent, thus ending the War of 1812

Better late then Never. the weekly news #38


1.MSPV Unstable

CBC is reporting that the newish Mid Shore patrol vessels bob about uncomfortably. though the design is proven, the Canadian boats were built without stabilizes (that the USCG boats have) and the RHIB arrangement can make them top heavy.

We covered the construction program for these ships.

2.Im not Dead yet
The CCGS Hudson refit was awarded to Newdock in St John’s Newfoundland. the ship is being stripped before heading to the yard for the 25th.

3.West Coast Catches up
The Haida Gwaii Observer wrote about the Alam Sayang, a ship that was disabled off the BC Coast, that I wrote about last week. its a problem when the first public telling of the story comes from the east coast

4.Sunken Frigate
the Helge Ingstad will need 6 days of good weather to be lifted and moved.

5. Ships Start here
CSC Design contract was awarded to Lockheed Martin/BAE in an announcement last Friday at the shipyard.

6. This Week in the Herald

This week i talk about the ship source oil pollution fund, its recent wins in court, and how the province should claim costs for the Miners removal.


this is worth a Zoom in.


Feb 14 – Battle of St Vincent’s were the British defeated the Spanish off Portugal.
Feb 13 1779 – James cook is killed by natives in the Hawaiian islands.
Feb 10 1722 – Bartholomew Roberts is killed in battle. He is better known as the pirate Black Bart

Weekly News #36

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1.Fighting Words
Davie issued a release calling Bullshit on the governments claim that assessment was done, and their is no need for a second interim vessel, and several committees actually say the contrary. Davie also released the video below, which makes some problematic statements.

2.Shots Fired
Davie fires shots on the Hudson Procurement – this week in the Herald. This week I talk about the letter Procurement received from Davie declining to bid on refit work, and how TC Ship Safety is silent. You can read the original RFP at

3. Crane Collapse in Vancouver
A gantry crane was struck by the container ship Ever Summit, knocking it off the rails, and causing the boom to collapse onto the ship. The Ship was docking at the terminal when the incident happened. Video has been released.

Different view of the crane collapsing. from r/vancouver

4.River Ice
the St Lawrence ground to a halt due to ice. 3 breakers were required to clear it.




Jan 30 1917 – Germany announces that it will carry out unrestricted naval warfare during WWI

Jan 30 1911 – King George V gives consent for adding “Royal” to the fledgling Canadian Navy – becoming “Royal Canadian Navy, abbreviated as RCN.

Jan 29 1774 – James Cook on HMS Resolution sailed to latitude 71°10’South where solid sea ice forced it back – only 200km from the Antarctic coast

Jan 29 1790 – The first boat specializing as a lifeboat was launched

Jan 29 1820 – Russian explorer Bellingshausen sailed his ship Vostok up to the cliffs of the Fimbul ice shelf at latitude 69°21′South, discovering Antartica

Jan 28 1596 – Sir Francis Drake died from yellow fever in W. Indies. He claimed California for England and circumnavigated the world

Jan 26 1962 – the Canadian Coast Guard is formed.

Jan 26 1808 – NSW Governor, Admiral William Bligh was arrested by the NSW Corps following his efforts to reign them in and shut down the rum trade.

 Terre Adélie and other Weekly News #35

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1.This Week in the Herald

This week I talk about HNS Cargoes, and the response to incidents involving them. Oil Spills are a big concern, but are often simple to deal with – and there are pre-existing plans and resources.

The Canadian Press also talked to me about the Yantain Express.

2.Alliance Extended
The Oceans Alliance, consisting of container Lines COSCO, CMA-CGM, Evergreen and OOCL have announced the extension of their Alliance until 2027. The alliance, which formed in 2017, was initially for 5 years, with 2 five year options for extension, both of which have now been exercised 2 years into the Alliance.  

3.Charters Over

Troms Sirius (left) and Lundstrom Tide (right) at Pier 9

Troms Sirius and Lundstrom Tide ended their Charter to Horizon Maritime and were reflagged and Sailed from Halifax. Both vessels were chartered from Tidewater for use during BP’s exploration program, which has since ended. 

4.Naval Gazing
HMCS Ville De Quebec returned to Halifax Monday, after being deployed to the Mediterranean with NATO. HMCS Toronto sailed to take VDQ’s place on Saturday. The 22nd saw HMCS Shawinigan and HMCS Kingston deploy for 3 months to West Africa.

5.Bernie Smith is wrong.
This past weekend, Bernie Smith wrote an opinion piece in the Herald, arguing that Halterm should be moved to Dartmouth. Hes wrong, for a number of reasons, but the big one, is Halifax can have multiple terminals.

6.Baby Whales
Another North Atlantic right whale calf has been spotted off the coast of Florida. Fisheries and Oceans Canada says it’s the third calf sighting since December.
Right whales typically migrate from the North Atlantic to give birth off Georgia and Florida from December through March.



Jan 22, 1982 – Maritime Museum of the Atlantic Opens

Jan 21, 1840 – The continent of Antarctica was discovered by Captain Dumont D’Urville. He Claimed it for France naming it “ Terre Adélie “after his wife Adele.

Jan 19, 1840 – The continent of Antarctica was first sighted by Lt. Charles Wilkes

Jan 18, 1821 – Halifax Harbour freezes over.

Jan 17 1898 – Halifax – Bermuda submarine cable extended to Jamaica

Moving poles and other Weekly News #34


1.No Offshore Oil
BP is giving up Half its NS Exploration licenses. Earlier this year shell returned them all. this suggests very limited returns in Nova Scotia’s Offshore. the CNSOPB recently listed 2 parcels off sable island for bid. these are neighbors to the Sable Gas and Deep Panuke projects which recently shutdown.

chart 4202 Halifax Harbour Pt.Pleasant to Bedford Basin.

2.Magnetic Pole
the Magnetic north pole – the point at which all compasses actually point is moving alot faster all of a sudden, and is leading to problems with Charts. The movement is known as variation, and is typically x degrees per year.

3.misdeclared Cargo
Maersk will begin spot checking contents of containers at some ports in a bid to weed out mis declared cargo. HNS Cargo can be misdecalered through oversight, or in a bid by shippers to save money.

4.This week in the Herald

this week in the Herald, I talk about places of refuge. The Yantain Express has requested a place of refuge (Halifax) from the Government of Canada.


1.this is pretty.
What markings on ships mean. this is interesting, and beautifully photographed.

2.Wheel of..
Clear seas assembled this wheel of maritime law.

3.Old ship voyages
a dataset of old voyages has been compiled form old ships logs.


Jan 16, 1917 – Canadian government hydrographic survey ship Acadia transferred to RCN. HMCS ACADIA carries out anti-submarine patrols off Nova Scotia & Gulf of St. Lawrence during First World War.

Jan 12 1876 – Jack London, author of countless tales of bravery and adventure, including The Sea Wolf, was born in San Francisco.

Jan 10 1919 – the great molasses flood in Boston kills 21 when a tank ruptures. Apparently the adage “slower then Molasses in January” isn’t true.

Jan 9 1806 – Funeral for Horatio Nelson, who was killed at Trafalgar. His body was preserved in a Cask of rum, which led to rum being referred to as a Drop of Nelsons Blood

Hans and other Weekly News #33


UK tech site the register sent a reporter on a cruise on the royal navy survey ship Enterprise.

2. Your 240 Short.
The Container ship MSC Zoe lost 240 containers over the side in heavy weather.

Montreal longshoreman voted 99.5% in favour of striking. the vote is merely symbolic, as they are under mediation until the end of February, and the vote is only valid for 60 days. Another vote would need to be held.

In other Montreal news – the port is limited by geography.


5. its Ours!
Hans Island Dispute to be sorted out by Task Force.

the brits plan to launch an expedition to Antarctica to find Shackleton’s ship endurance.



Jan 9, 1978 – A severe storm strikes the east coast, causing a great deal of destruction and coastal flooding from Virginia to Nova Scotia.
Jan 8, 1943 – The first tanker convoy from Trinidad to North America was attacked by a U-boat Wolf Pack. seven of the nine tankers were sunk.

New Year, New Weekly News #32


1.Lost yacht
A racing yacht abandoned 8 years ago has been found afloat off Australia.

2. Herald Column
This week in the Herald, I look back at the year 2018. rest assured the usual Year in review post with links to all the stories will be posted next week.

3.King of the Longshoreman
CBC spends time with a gantry crane operator at halter



Jan 3 1863 – a permanent covered skating rink opened in Halifax’s Horticultural Gardens — now known as the Public Gardens

Jan 2 1945 – Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay is killed in a plane crash. he oversaw the evacuation of Dunkirk.

Jan 1 1946 -The wartime Royal Canadian Navy Reserve (RCNR) & Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve (RCNVR) are officially merged & become the Royal Canadian Navy (Reserve)

Dec 30 1941 – HMCS SACKVILLE, Flower Class corvette, commissioned

An Abbreviated Xmas Holiday Weekly News #31

1.A cup of Christmas Cheer
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a Happy New Year. 2019 will be the 11th year of us doing this. Anyway, Stay tuned for the Year in review, and Best photos posts.
previous years reviews can be found: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

2.Last drop
Sable Offshore Gas project will flow its last gas Monday, and the last phases of shutdown will take place, with the wells being capped. The Jack up Rig Noble Regina Allen has been working to cap the gas wells as the project is decommissioned.

3.This Week in the Herald
This week, You can find me on the front page of the Business Section. The Construction of the Halterm Expansion is Finally underway, for real this time.


Dec 29 1956 – HMCS Magnificent sailed for egypt to deliver troops and supplies, in response to the suez crisis

Dec 26 1943- RN sinks the German battleship Scharnhorst off Norway

Adding an “S” to the Canada Shipping Act, and other news #30


1.This week in the Herald
This week in the Herald, I talk about the Senate’s report into SAR services.You can read the report WHEN EVERY MINUTE COUNTS:Maritime Search and Rescue(PDF) or view the various summaries on the reports website.

2. Bad Ice year
The CCGS is predicting this year will be bad for ice. the freeze up started 4 weeks earlier then the recent normal. We include the Ice Chart as part of the Port report.

3. Helge Instead Salvage
the Norwegian Navy Released footage from divers salvaging the sunken frigate. Also the navy is being sued by a Fish Farmer.

4.Container Rack
the terminal operator DP World plans to build a rack to store containers. the rack will enable more capacity and efficiency in the same space. Now – if we could get autoport to install car silos!

5.CCGS Captain Molly Kool
the CCGS put the former vidar Viking into service, and named the Ship CCGS Captain Molly Kool. Molly Kool was the first woman in North America to hold a Master Mariners license. its also a bitchin name for an icebreaker.



Dec 19, 1945 – Cabinet in Ottawa approve the formation of the RCN’s, Canadian Naval Air Service (CANAS).
Dec 16, 1773 – The Boston Tea Party.

Dec 14, 1938 – the schooner Theresa E. Connor is launched.

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