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Fate of the Scotia Dock II

It Was announced that the bulk of a 300 million dollar loan for improvements to the halifax shipyard would be for the replacement of the Scotia Dock II. It appears that the First step – the Scrapping of the Scotia Dock II is underway.

It was noticed that Her Canadian Registry (Yes, the Scotia Dock II is a vessel) Was closed on June 22 of this year. In more recent weeks, her name has been painted over, and most recently her on board cranes appear to be in the process of being decommissioned.

CBC News reported that the Scotia Dock II has been sold to Southern Recycling, a metal recycler on the Gulf of Mexico. The Chronicle Herald also reports that the Scotia Dock II was due to depart within 30 days (of June 22) once she was made seaworthy enough for the trip to the gulf. UPDATE: the Port reports the Tug EILEEN MCALLISTER is due tommorow, and shows the Kent Line agency as the vessels agent. Kent Line is an Irving Company. This suggests departure may be iminant.

Farley Mowat

The Farley Mowat is a vessel that belonged to the Sea Shepard Conservation Society. She was arrested for interfering with the seal hunt. after Sea Shepard failed to pay fines and bills accrued by the vessel, the court ordered her sold. She was sold, Spent a brief period tied up at woodside, and was then moved to Lunenberg where she has been ever since.

Her current plans are unknown.

And Their Off – Navy Great Lakes Tour

HMCS Ville De Quebec, USS De Wert and USS Hurricane departed this morning for a 10 week great lakes Tour. HMCS Moncton and HMCS Summerside will also be in the Lakes this Summer, and will appear at a few dates. The Ships will return to Halifax in October, where they ill likely be open to the public.

From the Press Release:
HMCS Ville de Quebec will visit the following cities during the deployment:

--  Quebec City, Quebec, July 26 - 30; 
-- Montreal, Quebec, July 30 - August 3;
-- Milwaukee, Wisconsin, August 8 - 13;
-- Thunder Bay, Ontario, August 15 - 20;
-- Toledo, Ohio, August 23 - 27;
-- Toronto, Ontario, Aug ust 29 - September 3;
-- Windsor, Ontario, September 5 - 10;
-- Buffalo, New York, September 11 - 17;
-- Hamilton, Ontario, September 18 - 21;
-- Oshawa, Ontario, September 21 - 24;
-- Cornwall, Ontario, September 25 - 27;
-- Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, September 28 - October 1;
-- Sept-Iles, Quebec, October 2 - 5; and
-- Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 9.

HMC Ships Moncton and Summerside will visit the following cities during the deployment:

--  Chicago, Illinois, August 15 - 20; and 
-- Cleveland, Ohio, August 28 - September 2.

US Navy Visitors

Yesterday saw the arrival of the USS De Wert (Above, An Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigate) and USS Hurricane (A Coastal Patrol Boat), who will be embarking on a great lakes tour with HMCS Ville de Quebec. USS Scranton, A Los Angeles Class Submarine also Arrived, and Tied up a Shearwater.

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