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Coastal Cruise Ship Yorktown

A small Cruise ship, She is meant to ply Coastal Waterways. She is here for the Morning (departs at 1400), and arrived from Lunenburg. A Large Irving Tanker was waiting to top up the fuel tanks, While Pasengers toured the city.

 The Great Lakes Cruise Company States:

The Yorktown is the perfect vessel for relaxed and convivial exploration of America’s great coastal waterways. Renovated in 2009, the Yorktown was built in Florida in 1988 specifically for coastal cruising. Certified by the U.S. Coast Guard, the Yorktown flies the American flag and is staffed by friendly and experienced American officers and crew.

257 feet long, 43 feet wide, with a draft of 8 feet, the Yorktown is able to maneuver in secluded waterways and visit small ports that are inaccessible to larger vessels. And Yorktown’s American registry makes it possible to operate domestic itineraries unavailable to foreign-flag ships.

German Navy Visitors

3 German naval Vessels Arrived this Morning FGS Frankfurt am Main (below); FGS Hessen (Above) and FGS Emden (below below). FGS Frankfurt am Main has been to Halifax before, and is one of 2 perfered platforms for replacing HMCS Preserver and Protectur. The 3 vessels arrived spaced by an hour, which made photographing them more difficult. They will next be at the Quebec Naval Rendezvous June 6

Photo of FGS Emden below.

Tall Ships In Lunenburg

While the Picton Castle is off sailing the Atlantic, you can always check the progress on Captain Moreland’s other venture, the Twin Schooners Project at the Dory Shop. the plan is to build 2 nearly identical Schooners at the same time – so far so good.

You can also check on the progress on the Bluenose. They are currently making preperations for her re-launch, which will require the dismantling of the building she’s in so they can move her sideways to the launching ways. The Lunch is Scheduled for July, and then she will be rigged. Her crew returns June 1.

Halifax’s New Pilot Boat

In Feb 2011 the Atlantic Pilotage Authority signed a contract with ABCO in Lunenburg for new pilot boats for Halifax and Saint John. Given the Name,Chebucto Pilot, This one appears to be destined for Halifax.

 The boats were designed by Lengkeek Vessel Engineering. The design was based on criteria established by a joint design team consisting of APA pilots, launch crews, Board Members, and Management. These 17 metre aluminum vessels will operate at a service speed of 18 knots.

For Construction Photos, and a photos of historical Pilot Boats, Look at the APA’s Flickr Page