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Blue Putties, In Drydock, In Boston.

I Recived an email this morning form a reader who noticed the BluePutties in Drydock in Boston.
In the past, Marine Atlantic work has been done in the NovaDock at Halifax shipyards, however I have heard that the Nova Dock is having some sort of issue and is not serviceable. It may also be that the shipyard does not have capacity given its renovations, Final work on the Hero Class, and Ongoing FELEX Work.

Davie in Quebec Has a Drydock large enough, however I belive it is occupied by newbuilds/and or the Louis St Laurent.

Blue Putties to Depart this afternoon.

Blue Putties is scheduled to depart Halifax Shipyards this afternoon. Recent Past ferry departures have been delayed affairs – we will see if this one is on schedule.

UPDATE: She was, she left the dock just after 15:30, and headed outbound. (Below – Close up of the repaired and re-painted bow)

 The Chronicle Herald reports that Marine Atlantic stated they expect her to resume service Tuesday evening, though she does not appear to be on the schedule.

Blue Putties for the Nova Dock

This Past Friday Saw the arrival of the Marine Atlantic Ferry Blue Putties for bow repairs After she ran into the pier in Port Aux Basques NF. She re-floated on high tide.

Given that she isn’t ballasted to raise the bow, I suspect damage is probably limited to the bulbous bow. She Entered the nova dock on Sunday Morning.

UPDATE: Roland Kettle was kind enough to let me use some of the pictures he posted to the the Marine Atlantic facebook group.

Lief Ericsson departure

Originally scheduled to sail on the 13th, Lief Ericson finally departed around 1600 today.

On the 13th, Departure was initially scheduled for 1330, but by 1900 she was scheduled to sail at 22:30. She had spent the day in the Nova Dock in the down position (below).

This morning, her departure was expected at 1100 but that time came and went as well. She exited the Nova Dock, and turned in the Narrows without the use of tugs.