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Kometik Sold

Word reached me last night that the Hiberina Shuttle tanker Kometik has been sold to Andromeda Shipping, and is now bound for Rotterdam.

Andromeda Shipping is a Indian Firm, who appear to own a fleet of 6 tankers.

Ocean Arctique with barges for the big lift

Due tonight is the tug Ocean Arctique. The tug is tandem towing two barges, abys and timberland to be used by American Bridge co. For the big lift.

The tug was finished at the Halifax shipyard, and the barge timberland was owned by the yard until it was sold in 2008. 
The tow has been slow, not making more then 6 knots, and only 2 for most of the day. The tug and tow are due to tie up at pier 9. As of midnight they had reached the pilot station

UPDATE: they did not come in last night. Now due to try again Noonish.

UPDATE: They picked up the pilot at noon, and  finally made Anchorage 1 by 2:30. here the tow was separated, and the barges moved to the Cherubini wharf. Above, Lady Shirleen and Belle D from RMI Marine are moving the Ocean Abys, Timberland is still in tow of Ocean Arctique

CCGS Edward Cornwallis refit this August.

 The Feds announced on Friday that NEWDOCK St. John’s Dockyard Limited for important refit and maintenance work for the CCGS Edward Cornwallis.

The CCGS Edward Cornwallis is a high-endurance multi-tasked vessel, light icebreaker and buoy tending vessel based at BIO. Maintenance work includes refurbishment of the hull, galley deck, tanks, propeller tail shaft, and auxiliary and domestic systems.

The Work is scheduled to begin in August, and be completed by October 2015.

Full Pier on Sunday

Fairview Cove saw 2 vessels on Sunday. The West birth was taken by  NYK Rumina, Covering the West bound Pacific Atlantic Service. She arrived from Rotterdam, and was bound for New York.
Seoul express is Covering the East bound route of the Pacific Atlantic Service. She Arrived from New York, and tied up at the East Birth. On Departure, she was bound for Southampton.

CCGS Samuel Risley Filling In.

With the CCGS Earl Gray undergoing a Mid-life refit, Sister vessel CCGS Samuel Risley is in town filling in. the Risley is the same class of vessel and design as the Earl Grey, and was built by Vito Steel Boat and Barge of Delta, British Columbia in 1984. (Earl Grey was built in Pictou in 1985)

She is normally based in Parry Sound Ontario and operates in the great lakes.

the ship is named after Samuel Risley, the first Chairman of the Board of Steamship Inspection in 1858.

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