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First AOPS to be Delivered in October?!

Post media is reporting that the Federal Government is expecting the first AOPS to be delivered the First week of October. this is a feat, as its only expected to be launched in September.

Curiously, Last week the Halifax Examiner quoted Sean Lewis, Communications director for Irving Shipbuilding

We are on schedule to launch the first Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS), the future HMCS Harry DeWolf, late September 2018.  Harbour acceptance tests and trials have started and will continue, along with further outfitting, over the next several months. The first AOPS is scheduled to be delivered to the Royal Canadian Navy in summer 2019.

As of yesterday, the Hull was still tarped off for final painting

Akademik Ioffe Runs Aground in the Arctic.

The Russian icebreaker Akademik Ioffe, operated for One Ocean Expeditions, ran aground in the Arctic on August 24. the ship left Kugaaruk, Nunavut, on Thursday the 23rd, before grounding in the Gulf of Boothia in the early afternoon Friday.

AIS tracks show the path of the Ship

JRCC dispatched Aircraft from Trenton and Winnipeg, but they arrived on scene 7 hours later. Coast Guard Icebreakers Amundsen and Pierre Raddison also responded, however the closest vessel was the Akademik Sergey Vavilov, also operating for One Ocean Expeditions. Passengers were evacuated by the The Passengers were taken back to Kugaaruk, then flown to Edmonton. Arriving on the 27th.

the Akademik Ioffe was refloated the day after she ran aground. Catherine Lawton, One Ocean Expeditions’s general manager told that CBC that “The hull damage was limited and contained to closed, empty tanks, which are secure from the rest of the ship,” Lawton said. “Those are actively being managed.”  Being managed is a subtle way of saying they are pumping water, meaning the hull is breached. 6 days after the grounding, the ship remains anchored away from the grounding site. The ships owners – the Russian Academy of Science, have yet to file a salvage plan, causing the Coast Guard and Transport Canada to take control of the ship August 28th in order to complete all required inspections and develop a plan to get the ship to its next destination safely

One Ocean has canceled the next 2 tours for the ship, and now that the passengers have returned home, refered all enquireies to the ships owners.

Among the people on board the ship when it grounded was researcher Dr. Donglai Gong who tweeted photos about the experience

Yale also produced this Article about the Experience. In 2010, the Clipper Adventurer also ran aground on a Discovered, but uncharted shoal. the TSB released a report into that incident.

Updates to this story will be posted Here

UPDATE 08/31:

Still no news. and inquiry to the Coast guard referred me to Transport Canada – who have not yet responded. A source told me he heard the vessel was surveyed yesterday by divers.

the ice situation looks interesting.

Note the Location of Nanisivik , in the top left corner of the Ice Chart below. Nanisivik is the site of the slowly under development permanent Arctic naval Base – and a perfect location to base an arctic response capability.

for the ship to leave the area, she will likely have to pass through the Fury and Hecla Straight, which is fully iced over. Additionally, the Louis St. Laurent, is headed to Bellot Straight to free the Claude Desgagnes

Update Sept 4
CBC Interviewed Ed Struzik – at 8 minutes its a good listen.

I also Have this Piece in the Chronicle Herald about the grounding and its response.

Update Sept 5

The TSB tweeted this photo (above), which seems to show the ship floating at anchor at close to a regular waterline. I hear the damage is relatively minor – there are  no big holes.

Update Sept 6

It looks like the Pierre Radisson was re-assigned. Her last position was in the Lancaster sound earlier today. There is now no government presence on site, unless TC has someone Aboard the ship.

Update Sept 7
CBC is reporting that the RCAF response cost $513,000

UPDATE Sept 12.

It looks like the Ioffe has sailed, and appears to be Unaccompanied. AIS Data is showing that she has moved from her anchored position earlier today.

Update Sept 13:
Word is repairs are complete. she sailed for Kugaaruk, where she will meet an inspector – Presumably TC is Flying someone in. Once Cleared, she will head to Montreal.

Update Sept 17:
TC has cleared the Ioffe to sail, and she will be escorted through the Ice by CCGS Henry Larsen, bound for Les Mechins PQ, where Verreault Navigation has a large dry dock.

Leeway Striker now in Halifax.

the Leeway Striker appeared at COVE over the weekend. A new Acquisition By Leeway Marine, the fast patrol boat was built by RIVERHAWK FAST SEA FRAMES of Tampa Florida. Her jet drives can power her to a top speed of 55knots, or 107km/h. Shes 72′ (22m) in length. these boats are marketed as high speed patrol craft to navies around the world, and this one specifically was built as part of a bid on a US Defense contract. The Leeway Striker was registered earlier in August, and imported in Yarmouth.

Port Unveils Expansion Plan

The Port released their plan for expansion on Wednesday August 29th.

Phase 1 allows for 2 ultra container ships to tie up at Halterm by further expanding pier 42 seaward. This is viewed as a short term solution to meet current needs.This phase of the project is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2019 and be completed in 2020. the new expansion would be 135 metres long and 65 meters wide, and is expected to Cost 30million dollars to complete.

The port projects a second birth will allow the port to expand to 800,000TEU, vs facing a loss of 400,000teu to American ports by not expanding, and retaining a single birth.

Phase 2 will expand north, filling in the finger piers.  This expansion will require additional work in the port, as those finger piers are heavily used. Much of the break bulk traffic will need to be relocated due to this expansion will likely go to pier 9, which previously hosted Nirint, and Could easily accommodate other breakbulk work. Fairview Cove. could be an other option, if that pier is expanded into the sequestration area, and space left for laydown.  Note the Phase 1 Pier expansion in the phase 2 illustration bellow has more infill then is shown in the phase 1 plan above.

Cruse Operations are to be expanded, with options to be looked at on both sides of the Harbour for additional capacity. The finger piers are currently used for overflow capacity.

the report also looks at options  for dealing with trucks through downtown, and suggests converting truck traffic to rail outside the Halifax area – including constructing transfer points in Moncton, Trenton NS, or in Burnside.

HMCS St. Johns on the Synchro lift

HMCS Saint Johns has been on the Dockyard Synchrolift for the last week or so, having some hull plating repaired. The Ship returned from Op reassurance in the Mediterranean July 23.

HMCS Montreal is at the graving dock at Halifax Shipyards for a work period which began August 15th, and HMCS Fredricton is at the machine shop Wharf, having exited the graving dock in early august.

Fire, Ice and Rock – The Weekly News #14

if you like, consider becoming a member. 2$ a month really helps cover costs, and in return you get the site Ad Free.  For latest port conditions, Including Weather,Wind, Tides, Arrivals and Departures be sure to visit the Port Report (Members get the information in realtime, not every 2 hours)


1. Oceanex Fire

In the early morning hours of August 16th, the Oceanex Connaigra bound for Montreal from St. Johns Newfoundland suffered a fire in her cargo hold. She docked in Trois Riveres Quebec, where the local fire department extinguished the fire, and the ship continued on later that morning. Oceanex Tweeted that “a fire was reported on a piece of equipment being carried onboard Oceanex Connaigra . It has been extinguished and confirmed there are no injuries.” and that “there is no damage to the vessel or its cargo.” Oceanex Connaigra is the Newest vessel in Oceanex’s fleet of ships, she runs a weekly service between St. Johns and Montreal with Oceanex Avalon. She was built in Germany, and entered service in October 2013. 

2. Laker to the East Coast.
Canada steamship lines’ trillium class laker Thunder bay is doing an east coast run. She sailed from Thunder Bay on Lake Superior to Sydney N.S., before moving through the locks at canso to load rock, for Charlottetown PEI. Built in China, and intended for inland waters, the trillium class lakers crossed the ocean with extra reinforcing to deal with ocean swell. This trip is notable as it’s the first coastal trip for this class of ship since they entered the lakes

3. Saudies and grain
the current diplomatic spat with the saudis may cause problems for G3 (Global Grain Growers), which is what the Canadian Wheat Board became after privatization in 2012. the Ownership is G3 is 49.9% with Canadian Farmers, and the 50.1 held by a Joint Venture with Bunge Canada and SALIC – the Saudi Agricultural and livestock investment company. originally the joint venture was a 50/50 split, but SALIC bought half of Bunge’s share, and now controls 37% of g3. G3 controls a number of terminals, and owns one bulk carrier G3 Marquis  operated by Algoma.

4. Dutch Runner Sails
former Halifax regular Dutch Runner has sailed for the Caribbean, for a shipyard in the Dominican Republic. The ship has been idle, since the contract for the Saint Pierre Run went to Fusion, and then Nolhanava.

5. Ice Breakers Arrive

the 3 AHST’s purchased by Davie for conversion for the Coast Guard arrived in Quebec Monday.


1. Cargo Cruising
Halifax Magazine interviews a Couple that crossed the Atlantic on the Atlantic Star.

2. Old Ads

Admiral John Newton – @greatbigseas on twitter, tweeted some old Halifax maritime ads.

3. Dun-duh dun-duh


AUgust 28, 1942 – HMCS Oakville sank U-94 in the Caribbean. Her quick thinking crew boarded it before it sank and snagged vital documents. The Movie U-571 gave credit to the Americans.

August 24, 1990 – Canadian Warships Terra Nova, Athabaskan and Preserver depart for the (first) Gulf war. Terra Nova was hastily fitted with gear meant for the then under construction CPF’s.

August 23, 1750 – The ship Alderney arrives at Halifax with 370 volunteer settlers, who would go on to settle and found East Halifax (Dartmouth)

August 22,1944 -the Canadian Crewed escort carrier HMS NABOB torpedoed by U354, in Barents Sea, killing 21. Effective damage control saved the ship and she arrived at Scapa Flow under her own power.

Titus makes maiden call

The Wallenius Wilhelmsen Pure Car Truck Carrier Titus arrived yesterday on her Maiden call to Halifax. The Vessel is a new build Neo-Pamanamx vessel, and just entered service. She was built in Tianjin China, and left the yard in June as the first of 4 HERO Class vessels (HERO is short for for High Efficiency RO-RO) and is able to carry 7,656 cars.

she sailed Tuesday at 11am

More Oil in the Harbour.

CBC News is reporting that an oil slick was spotted off bishops landing Monday morning. The coast guard is reporting the source of the slick is currently unknown.

Additionally, a local Mariner has reported that the Coast guard itself reported an Oil Slick stretching from BIO to Tufts Cove.

From the photos posted by CBC, Bishops slick has the distinct rainbow pattern, as one would see with Spilled Gas. As I under stand it, Bunker C, like what was spilled at tufts cove is thick, and floats in clumps.

This Post will be Updated at as more is known.

2 USCG Ships in the Harbour

2 US Coast guard vessels spent the weekend in Halifax. USCGC Mobile Bay is a bay class Icebreaking tug, and is likely heading for the great lakes for the winter  Baltimore for a refit. She is homeported in Wisconsin, and is due to return to the lakes before winter. This movement is common for this class of vessel, and the BAY class is a frequent caller at Tall Ships Quay. She is Due to Sail at 10am Tuesday.

USCGC Legare is a Medium Endurance cutter, based in Portsmouth Virginia. A member of the Famous Class of Cutter, she was commissioned in 1990. the Famous class of USCG vessel to Call in Halifax. she is due to sail from the dockyard on the 30th.

As far as my notes go, this is the first call in Halifax for both these vessels in the last 10 years.

HOS Remington at Pier 9

HOS Remington arrived at Pier 9 yesterday from Louisiana. shes owned By Hornbeck Offshore Services, and its not clear why she is here.

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