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VLCC Front Crown for Bunkers

The VLCC (Very Large Crude Carrier)Front Crown at anchorage 1 for bunkers. She is Very Clearly empty. At 311,176dwt, shes big, and more then double the size of Halifax Regular Heather Knutsen which comes in at 148,644dwt.

Front Crown Was Built in 1999, and is owned and operated by Frontline Management AS, the second largest tanker operator after Teekay.

PLAN Zhenghe Moves to Dockyard

The Chinease Naval Vessel PLAN Zhenghe moved from anchor to jetty November Bravo (AKA “Navy B”) this morning. She was Originally scheduled to arrive this morning from Spain, but arrived early due to weather, and sat at anchor over the weekend.

You can see her from the Casino Walkway, No word yet if she will be open to the public.

UPDATE: She will be open to the Public, Wed 1-3pm, HMCS Scotian Gate

Halifax Shipyard to Replace Scotia Dock II

We now know where 260 million of the province’s forgivable loan will be spent. CBC News is reporting the Scotia Dock II will be replaced. Halifax Shipyard was basing the decision on its success at the federal Shipbuilding Program.

Since Halifax Shipyard was selected, The Province is on the Hook for the Loan Money, to replace the Dock. There is no word on where/when the New dock will be constructed, or what will happen with the Scotia Dock II, though it will likely be scrapped.

The Dock sunk in May 2010. See The Last moments of the Scotia Dock and Scotia Dock Still On Bottom

PLAN Zheng He

The Chinease Navy Training Ship Zheng He arrived this morning an anchored in the Harbour. She is currently on a world tour, Much like the Japanese performed last year.

Zheng He was a Chinease explorer who sailed in the Pacific around 1405 to 1433.


The SAUDI DIRIYAH arrived and Tied up at Pier 27 just after noon. She will sail late this afternoon. Vessels from the National Shipping line of Saudi Arabia make monthly (or as required) calls to Halifax. They simalar to ACL in they carry both Container and Ro-Ro Traffic

UPDATE: She Departed at 2200 for Port Said Egypt

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