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News Bits

Georges Island to be open to public next year
Parks Canada intends to open the national historic site to the public, and plans starting the necessary work Aug. 1, the agency said Tuesday in papers filed with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry. – To be open by March 2010

Sailor picked up by container ship south of N.S.
the man was picked up by a container vessel, the Maersk Missouri, Sunday about 420 kilometres south of Halifax.

Tall Ships Update:
Tall ships fest will bring fireworks, re-enactments

MSC Cruises Adds Halifax in 2010

from: Travel Agent Central:

MSC Announces New Itineraries

MSC Cruises announced that MSC Magnifica, currently under construction, will be sailing a series of fall foliage cruises from New York and Quebec in 2010..
After arriving in New York, the ship is scheduled for four more itineraries, including a 10-night roundtrip cruise that leaves New York City on September 22 and makes calls in Sydney, Charlottetown, Quebec, Halifax and Newport.

the Colregs

The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea state who has the right of way. Everyone below you on this list must give way to you. In Halifax, a container ship usually falls under #6

1. Not Under Command
2. Restricted in Ability to Manoeuvre
3. Constrained by Draught
4. Fishing
5. Under Sail
6. Under Power
7. Seaplane

Lets also remember the Red Green Principle “Im in my van, he’s in his pinto, who has right of way?” – this principle is how merging works in NYC – im bigger so i have right of way.

Dont do this.. Despite what the colregs say, the Red green Principle wins.

Pilot Boarding

Or rather disembarking from the Ellen Knutsen, who stopped into halifax for bunkers and supplies a few weeks ago.
some day ill get a shot at the pilot station – alas i came close once, but they boarded on the offshore side of the ship.