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CCGS Jean Goodwill Arrives

the first complete medium icebreaker conversion from Davie arrived in Halifax today where it will be based. the First Ship, the CCGS Captain Molly Kool, was rushed into service, and only received a paint job. It will get the full conversion later.

UPDATE – the ship docked at BIO, on the proper side of the jetty and facing in the correct direction. Below, CCGS Jean Goodwill entering Halifax for the first time, via

The Ship operated as Balder Viking between 2000 and 2018, the ship is named for Jean Goodwill (1928–1997), a Canadian Cree nurse who, in 1954, became Saskatchewan’s first Aboriginal woman to finish a nursing program

Inshore Rescue Boat makes a tow

The Coast guards inshore rescue boat towed a disabled sailboat back to the NW Arm this evening from out past Maughers Beach. I didnt catch what the issue was, but the 3 people aboard the sailboat (and the IRB boat crew) seem to be pretty relaxed.

the IRB is staffed by post secondary students, and is in service between the May long weekend and Labour day.

CCGS Captain Molly Kool

the Coast Guards newest medium icebreaker arrived for the first time in Halifax this week. the ship was acquired by the coast guard last year, and will be modified in when the work on the other two ships of the class are in service.

It tied up at the worst possible dock for photos, so hopefully a chance to get a better one will emerge in coming days.

CCGS Louis St. Laurent

March usually brings the Coast Guards sole Heavy Icebreaker the CCGS Louis St. Laurent into port. The ship arrived overnight, and anchored in the basin. With the end of the federal governments fiscal year coming, the fleet looks to be transferring fuel.

The CCGS Edward Cornwallis is due to undergo refit in Shelburne at the end of the month, so it makes sense to transfer off unneeded fuel to another vessel.

CCGS Sir William Alexander holding off BIO

the CCGS Sir William Alexander also entered port, and this morning, and after waiting of BIO took to Anchorage 11 in the Basin. If the William Alexander moves alongside the LSL, it would suggest this may be a balancing the budget type exercise then a transfer before refit.

CCGS Capt. Jacques Cartier Arrives.

the Brand new fisheries science vessel CCGS Capt. Jacques Cartier arrived in Halifax Friday night, The ship was the second built by SeaSpan as part of the NSPS in Vancouver.

Sunday morning A welcome procession was held featuring a Sail past of CCGS G. Peddle S.C, CCGS Courtenay Bay, CCGS Cape Roger, and CCGS Capt. Jacques Cartier. The sailpast happened around 8am, and the vessels turned in the basin and headed for BIO by 8:45.

Cormorant is a Mess.

This week in the Herald I talk about the work done by the Coast Guard to HMCS Cormorant.

This should be an easy case for the CG to deal with, yet it appears they did a substandard job dealing with the ships 2015 sinking, and now needed to come back and fix what they did.Even this most recent action is problematic, as steps that probably should have been taken when the assessment being conducted discovered the issues. The assessment was completed in October, and Work began Dec 1.

Bellow are the CCGS Tweets on the work.

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