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CCGS Capt. Molly Kool Tows.

CG Photo

The Jana Desgagnes, lost its steering approx. 16 nautical miles southwest of Port aux Basques. the cause is likely Ice damage to the rudder. The CCGS Captain Molly Kool took the ship under tow through ice, in what is an impressive tow in difficult conditions.

The Jana Desgagnes is an ice class products tanker run by the Quebec based Desgagnes Group.

The tow was taken on the grounds of preventing pollution. Historically the CG has not offered tows, or intervened with insufficient time to allow for a plan B. The CG reports they are awaiting commercial Tugs. However why does the coast guard not simply complete the tow and charge commercial rates. – certainly the funds could be used for fleet renewal.

The Heavy icebreaker CCGS Louis Ste Laurent is standing by on scene as well.

Jana Desgagnes in Halifax in 2014.

The Mckeil Tug Lois M responded from Sydney, however the tow was taken up again By the CCGS Captain Molly Kool due to difficult Ice conditions.

CCGS Louis St. Laurent at Pier 9

The CCGS Louis St. Laurent ,the Coast Guards second oldest ship, and one of 2 heavy icebreakers arrived in port Monday. On Arrival, she topped up the tanks at the Irving Oil Wharf. and then moved to the basin off BIO, before tieing up at Pier 9 Tuesday morning.

Formerly based in Halifax, the ship was moved to St. John’s Newfoundland. The ship is likely here for Supplies and crew change, but given the proximity to the end of the federal fiscal year, may be on some budget maximization exercise until April 1.

edit – yah i know, i had the other Saint John.

CCGS Matthew Sold

the ex CCGS Matthew was sold in October, and finally had its registry updated Feb 6. The ship is now Known as the Miss M J, and is owned by a numbered company in Goose Bay, Labrador Newfoundland.

Per the terms of Sale, the Buyer has 10 (from Feb 6) days to remove the ship from BIO.

Said numbered company looks to own the Hotel North One, in Goose Bay, which is the registered address of the company.

The Hudson Debacle – This week in the Herald

CCGS Hudson General Arrangement

This week I talk about the letter Procurement received from Davie declining to bid on refit work.
You can read the original RFP at and Davie’s letter is below

Davies Letter as shown by Global news (Screenshot)

I asked transport Canada’s media contact if they could “tell me if Transport Canada has received a copy of Davie shipbuilding’s letter regarding their safety concerns with the CCGS Hudson, and what actions ship safety will be taking.

Additionally, if TC has not been specifically addressed in the letter, given the concerns were raised publicly, is that sufficient notice for ship safety to take action, if not why not, and what action is being taken”

Their response was:

Transport Canada has not received the letter you are referring to.

The department takes its responsibility for marine safety and security very seriously. Large vessels are inspected and certificated annually by a Recognized Organization, which is a classification society that has an authorization agreement with Transport Canada to inspect and certify vessels. In addition, Transport Canada monitors selected vessels to verify compliance with applicable requirements, such as those set out in the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 and its associated regulations. When concerns are raised, Transport Canada takes appropriate measures if non-compliance or safety risks are identified.  

For more information on large commercial vessel certification, visit:

Which is really no response – since its a general statement about what the department does, and doesn’t address what they are doing in this situation.

I also have a second piece, where I talk about the Port Expansion, and the details that were released last week.

Ex CCGS Mathew Sold

The former Coast Guard hydrographic survey ship Matthew has been sold for $279,000.00. The sale took place Oct 24.  The buyer is currently unknown. The buyer has 50 days to complete vessel registration, we should see the ship registration transferred in the next week or so. Once registered, the new owner has 10 days to have the ship towed form the BIO Wharf.

2015-03 when she was still sailing as CCGS Matthew

The ship is still registered to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, however it was noticed that the ship is now listed for sale, presumably by the new owners, with TriNav Marine Brokerage of Yarmouth.

TriNav is asking 2.4million for the ship – perhaps a bit optimistic given the feds couldn’t sell in 3 attempts with asking prices over a million dollars.

UPDATES to Follow – when we find out who the owner is.

Feds buy 8 more Bay Class Lifeboats for CCGS

The Feds are acquiring eight new high-endurance search and rescue (SAR) lifeboats for the Coast Guard. the boats will be purchased from Chantier Naval Forillon of Gaspé, Quebec, and Hike Metal Products of Wheatley, Ontario.

Chantier Naval Forillon and Hike Metal Products were already producing six SAR lifeboats each under existing contracts signed in 2015. Under the amended contracts, each shipyard will build four additional lifeboats at a total cost of $61,757,896. These contracts were awarded under the small vessel component of the National Shipbuilding Strategy and will help maintain well-paying, middle-class jobs at both shipyards.

With the ability to operate up to 100 nautical miles from shore, these new high-endurance SAR lifeboats are enhancing the Coast Guard’s search and rescue capabilities. Vessels from this class are named after bays in Canada and are being built under the Federal Infrastructure Initiative, the Fleet Renewal Plan and Oceans Protection Plan.

CCGS Corporal McLaren MMV refloated last night.

the CCGS Corporal McLaren MMV was successfully re-floated and towed to the government wharf in sambro last night. the attempt started in the afternoon, and the ship was floating fully by 8pm.

Shore based pumps dewatered the ship, while the CCGS Sambro stood by behind the ship, providing additional scene lighting. A large crane on scene was reportedly for repairs to the cradle, but could be seen swing equipment over to the Mclaren.

there was no update on the police investigation.

An Act of Piracy – CCGS Corporal Mclaren is Damaged


Early Saturday morning, the CCGS Corporal Mclaren was sabotaged, when 2 cables and a chain were cut at the CME Shipyard in Sambro Head. the cradle the boat was on slid back, and the MSPV came off the blocks. there was some water ingress.

From statements made by CME, we know the ship was fine at the midnight check, and in the water at the subsequent check. A call to Halifax fire for fuel leaking from a boat was reported at 0751 by @hrmfirewire on twitter. the yard has cameras, but no fence, so its easy to gain access, though its unclear if anything was caught on tape.

the boat was on the lift for 6 weeks of maintenance. general repair and upkeep. A few modifications were being made the vessel, including new electronics, rope cutters on the shafts, and additional limber holes in the engine room bilge.



the ship was built by Halifax Shipyards, as the 6th of 9 Hero Class midshore patrol vessels. she first emerged for painting in in May 2013, and the ship was launched in September 2013. the launching was witnessed by Corporal Mclaren’s family, after i was contacted by Canadian Heros, and they were able to get an invite to the launch. the ship was fitted out at pier 9, and went on trials in October, and was accepted by the coast guard at the end of the month. She was formally commissioned in June of 2014, at a ceremony at BIO

CME Posted these photos to their facebook page of the work period.



Coast Guard Icebreaker, Balder Viking’s New Name revealed.

Noticeably absent from the announcement yesterday by Davie of the re-floating of the Balder Viking was the ships new Coast Guard name.

I’m told this ship will be named the CCGS Captain Molly Kool – Named after the the first woman In North America to hold a Master Mariner License. The ship will be Commissioned in St. John’s

Wikipedia has a brief biography of her life.

Update – the ship was imported and registered as Balder Viking, and it has not yet been renamed. i also goofed and used Vidar viking as the name, not balder – these points have been corrected.

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