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Smallwood and Caribo

Ex Marine Atlantic Ferries Joseph and Clara Smallwood and Caribou were both sold earlier this year and re-flagged in St. Kits Nevis. Both are due in to port today for bunkers, likely their last Canadian stops.

As part of their Conversion to a foreign flag, both vessels were renamed – Joseph and Clara Smallwood to simply Smallwood, and Caribou dropped the ‘U’ to become Caribo.

Caribo is due at 1900 tonight. Smallwood is currently bunkering, and expected to depart at 1600

UPDATE: Caribo Arrived at 1900, and both sailed separately overnight. Smallwood gave Port Said Egypt as the Destination, and Caribo Gibraltar.

Japanese Navy Departs

The Japanease Navy Departed this morning,
After Leaving the Dockyard, They formed up in the Basin, with HMCS Ville De Quebec Taking the Lead.

JS Kashima Followed

Crews from all vessels were on Deck to wave. Ville de Quebec seemed to be hosting a family day.

JS Asagiri was next

JS Mineyuki Brought up the rear

Sambro Island Light

The oldest Lighthouse in North America and the Caribbean, built in 1758 as a landfall lighthouse (meant to help mariners find land) She is visible for 24 Nautical miles (44km) You Cann See the light to the top left of the page in the background image. (which is a chart of Halifax by Captain Cook.
Every year, as part of Sambro Days, the NS Lighthouse Preservation Society runs 1 day tours of the island. A good view can be had from Sandy Cove.

The Island features a tight Harbour

The dock is a flatish rock with iron loops anchored to it for boats to tie up.

The Abandoned Keepers dwellings.

Saudi Diriyah

Saudi Diriyah Made a Quick Stopover. She was in port for only a couple of hours. Owned by the Saudi National Shipping Line, NSCSA Vessels will stop whenever there is cargo for them in halifax.

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