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Pijlgracht with Cargo for Navy

The General cargo ship Pijlgracht arrived on the 25th from jacksonville Fl and tied up at pier 9. The next day, the ship discharged a shrinkwrapped cargo directly onto a barge. What made this operation Unique, is that the barge belonged to the Navy, and was handled by naval tugs.

The ship is now owned by Spliethoff. It was built in 2011 as Beluga Progression. when Beluga failed, it became HHL Lagos. Spliethoff bough Hansa Heavy Lift in 2021, and the ship took its current name.

Pijlgracht moved to anchorage in the Basin, where it remains. I have been told the cargo that was unloaded is a sonar array.

BBC Arizona with plane parts

BBC Arizona arrived at pier 9 to offload Airplane parts from Belfast. Componenets for various Bombardier aircraft are manufactured in a facility in Belfast, then shipped to Halifax, to be trucked for final assembly at facilities around Montreal.

These parts normally arrive on ACL vessels, so there may have been a scheduling conflict, or a lack of available space.

Given a Vessel the size of BBC Amazon could comfortable reach Montreal, it is prehaps curious parts still flow through Halifax via ACL.

Endurance at pier 27

The General Cargo Ship Endurance arrived from Cuba, and tied up at pier 27. Lacking a Significant load of Containers, its likely loaded with Nickel Sulphide “mud” . The ship is likely an extra, as it does not appear on Nirint lines Schedule.

FWN Atlantic to pier 25

The General Cargo ship FWN Atlantic tied up at pier 25 sunday. the ship is almost brand new, and arrived from Hamina Finland. Hamina Happens to be home to a wind turbine factory.

The Ship is outfitted with Dynamic positioning, and equipped to handle pipe, so may be in town in relation to the Presence of the Offshore Installation Vessel Orion.

BBC Challenger for Boilers

BBC Challenger arrived at pier 9 on Wendsday to load boilers which have been on the dock for a while now. The loading took place on Good Friday.

BBC Challenger was built as Thorco Challenger in 2008. the ships cranes are rated at 80 tons each, for a combined lift of 160 tons.

End of Charter for Vivienne Sheri D?

The general cargo ship Vivienne Sheri D has been sailing for Eimskip for the past several years (also operating under the Names Pictor and Pictor J), however since 2021 the vessel is actually owned by the Doornekamp Group. After acquiring the vessel, it was reported that Doornkamp would leave the vessel on its charter.

The Doornekamp group also operate the picton terminal. in 2021 they acquired 2 ships, the other being Peyton Lynn C with a plan to move cargo form Halifax to Picton Ontario via the St Lawrence Seaway. Peyton Lynn C Currently operates with Spliethoff, and sails into the lakes seasonally. It seems likely Vivienne Sheri D will join that arrangement.

Eimskip recently added Bakkafoss, a new ship to the rotation. Foss is icelandic for waterfall, and the Bakkafoss is located on the Buoara river in Westfjords.

At Anchor

(Above) Xpress Machu Picchu arrived this morning from Genova Italy, and went straight to anchor in the basin. Sailing for Melfi Lines, The ship has a date PSA’s Atlantic Hub terminal in the coming days.(Below) Franbo Lohas also took to anchor in the basin earlier in the week, after loading cable tanks at pier 9

It was windy today, and looking at the AIS data, Xpress Machu Picchu (Top Left track), Franbo Lohas (top right track), Polar Circle (middle) and Nolhan Ava (bottom) all moved around considerably.

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