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BBC Topaz for pipe, and a Boat.

BBC Topaz arrived March 19 to load pipe. The pipe was reportly for the Keystone XL pipeline, which having been canceled, is surplus, and has been sold to a buyer in the Netherlands.

Once the pipe cargo was on board, BBC Topaz then loaded the C- Horizon. C-Horizon arrived in Nova Scotia as the tidal pioneer, to be used by sustainable marine energy. with their departure, the vessel has been sold, renamed, and is now headed back to Europe.


An odd vessel tied up at Pier 9 recently. Layla is a small cargo ship and features two 3mt derricks. the ship also looks to have a cable handling roller on the bow.

Layla is one of three ships belonging to South African firm Mertech Marine, which specializes in recovering and recycling sub sea cable. Founded in 1998, Mertech claims to have recover 75,000km of disused subsea cable.

Layla was built in 1975 in the Netherlands, and was rebuilt in 2008. The ship is 65m long, and is powered by a Caterpillar 3512 engine producing 749KW of power.

Morning Claire at Pier 9

The PCTC Morning Claire Spent Monday at pier 9, offloading assorted construction equipment.

PCTC have suffered a series of high profile incidents over the last number of years. We should be aware that any of these could happen here.

Pijlgracht with Cargo for Navy

The General cargo ship Pijlgracht arrived on the 25th from jacksonville Fl and tied up at pier 9. The next day, the ship discharged a shrinkwrapped cargo directly onto a barge. What made this operation Unique, is that the barge belonged to the Navy, and was handled by naval tugs.

The ship is now owned by Spliethoff. It was built in 2011 as Beluga Progression. when Beluga failed, it became HHL Lagos. Spliethoff bough Hansa Heavy Lift in 2021, and the ship took its current name.

Pijlgracht moved to anchorage in the Basin, where it remains. I have been told the cargo that was unloaded is a sonar array.

The Herring Fleet is back

The Herring fleet has been back to calling in Halifax. Lady Melissa and and Morning Star both have put into port to offload at pier 9. Unlike previous years, where the ships hung out on the waterfront, they proceeded directly back to sea.

Low fish stocks have led to reductions in quota the past few years – the fleet was last here in 2019, though this year only the 2 vessels have called so far this year

Asian Empire

Asian Empire arrived this morning and tied up at pier 9 to offload heavy equipment. The ship will move to Autoport in the morning, which spent the day occupied by Sunshine Ace.

The Korean Flagged Asian Empire was built in 1998 and is 25 years old. its 229m long, and 29m wide.

AlgoNova to Pier 9

Algonova tied up alongside pier 9. The presence of a red hazard flag suggests the vessel is laden, and the presence of a service truck suggests there is a mechanical issue that is being tended to.

Algonova is scheduled to sail overnight, so its likely a minor repair.

BBC Arizona with plane parts

BBC Arizona arrived at pier 9 to offload Airplane parts from Belfast. Componenets for various Bombardier aircraft are manufactured in a facility in Belfast, then shipped to Halifax, to be trucked for final assembly at facilities around Montreal.

These parts normally arrive on ACL vessels, so there may have been a scheduling conflict, or a lack of available space.

Given a Vessel the size of BBC Amazon could comfortable reach Montreal, it is prehaps curious parts still flow through Halifax via ACL.

Grand Pavo at pier 9

Grand Pavo Arrived at pier 9 yesterday to unload assorted heavy equipment, including a pair of rail grinders. The ship then moved to Autoport Saturday to finish unloading cars.

Built in 2005, Grand Pavo has a max capacity of 6400 cars. Pavo is named for a peacock in Greek mythology. Hera , queen of the heavens, used a peacock to pull her chariot through the skies.

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