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Ferry or Fishing??

Another Ferry tied up in Halifax – “The Walter Grey” She is Registered in St. Andrews NB.

She is Registered to Grey’s Aqua Management, as a fishing vessel. Grey’s Aqua appears to be a fish farming operation, and they presumably use the Ex Ferry to tend to their farms. No idea why she is in Halifax, though she was built in Dartmouth in 1974, and appered to have some work being done.

Marine Coaster III

The Ferry Marine Coaster IIIArrived in Halifax today. She is Bound For Newfoundland with her new owners Puddister Shipping Limited.

  Originally named Lady White Head, she was built in 1976 by APEX Machine Works Limited and ran between Grand Manan Island and White Head Island in New Brunswick. She had a loaded capacity of 8 vehicles and 45 passengers.  She has recently been replaced  by the newbuild William Frankland.

Photos to Follow

USS DeWert Paid A Visit

The US Navy Warship USS DeWert Paid a brief visit to Halifax Yesterday. She had Embarked on a Summer Great Lakes Tour with HMCS Ville De Quebec and USS Huricane.

She appears to have departed early, skipping the Final Canadian Stops. The Tour is Expected to End October 3 when the Ville De Quebec (And presumabley USS Huricane) return to Halifax.

#2 Launched, #3 Rolled out

Second Hero Class Mid Shore Patrol vessel, Caporal Kaeble VC was launched yesterday and is currently tied up at Pier 9. wasting No Time, The third Hero Class Corporal Teather CV was rolled out.

Unlike the first 2 vessels who are named after Army Victoria Cross Recipients, Corporal Teather was an RCMP Officer awarded the Cross of Valour, for rescuing 2 men from a capsized vessel in the Frasier river.

Intrest in Yarmouth Ferry

Various Sources have reported, and the Company has confirmed, that P&O Ferries is interested in the Yarmouth Route. P&O Operated various Ferrys between the UK, Ireland and Europe, and Have experiance with both Fast (the Cat) and Conventional ferries.

Comments in the Chronicle Herald Piece from P&O seem to indicate they agree with what the ferry report recomended, and is very simalar to services they offer in Europe.

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