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New Service For Halifax

ACL Is adding Halifax to its new Finland, Russia, North America Service.
Set to begin this month, It will provide container and breakbulk service. It appears that The cargo will travel on ACL’s existing transatlantic service and be transfered in Antwerp to Finnlines vessels for delivery to Helsinki, Kotka, and St. Petersburg.

ALas, it looks like no new ships in Halifax for this service.

Pusan on PAX

The Container vessel Pusan is currently inbound for Fairview Cove. As Reported in December, This vessel is Joining the Hapag Lloyd PAX Service. but still retains Its odd original name, since it lacks the Express suffix in her name. A Quick search shows she began her life as Pusan Senator, and as of March 2011 was operating as MSC Kenya.

This is Pusan’s first visit to Halifax.


The Tug Gulf Cajun Arrived on Friday and tied up with her barge At Pier 27.
She appears to be carrying some sort of Industrial Component, and her final destination is Unknown at this point.

She is Due to depart at 14:00 Today on the 21st.

UPDATE: Her destination is Long Harbour Newfoundland. This is the Base of operations for the Voisey’s Bay Nickle Operation, and currently has a processing plant under construction. This is likley componenets for the plant.

Atlantic Cartier is broken

Scheduled to move for trials in the basin this morning, Atlantic cartier remains at the pier. The tugs Atlantic Larch and Willow have left, and It appears Atlantic Compass is anchoring in the Basin waiting for the birth to clear.

Sources have indicated that the Engine on Atlantic Cartier is not functioning, and she would need to be moved as a dead ship to clear the pier which presumably requires more then 2 tugs.

Cruise Season Anounced

The Cruise Ship schedule for 2012 has been released, and Begins in April, with visits by 2 titanic 100th Aniversary cruises. Azamara Journey will visit Halifax on April 12 and On April 16/17, Balmoral will make an overnight stay.

The regulars Carnival Glory and Maasdam are back, and are joined by Disney Magic. The Quest for Adventure, will make two turnaround calls – one on Sept. 16 and another on Oct. 1. These turnaround calls will have passengers begin their cruise from Halifax.

See the Press release here and the Full Schedule

The End of Locomotive Shipments?

Locomotives for the export market have had a long history of shipping through Halifax, primarally on Jumbo Shipping vessels. The Locomotives Orignated at EMD’s London Ontario Facility. EMD was originally the Electro Motive Division of General Motors, but was spun off and sold to the Progress Rail Subsiduary of Caterpiller.

On Friday, Caterpiller closed the plant, after locking out the workers January 1, after failing to get Employees to agre to a 50% Wage reduction. Caterpiller announced a record Quarterly profit of nearly $5 billion, Up 58%

Caterpiller Ships heavy equipment via ACL through Fairview Cove

Maersk Dispatcher working GSF Grand Banks

The Maersk Dispatcher arrived in Halifax earlier this week, and has been working with the GSF Grand Banks Today. It Appears the GSF grand banks’ maintinace period is neering completion as she has the lifeboats deployed, and is working with the supplier.

Maersk Dispatcher’s sister ship, Maersk Detector collided with one of the columns on the GSF Grand Banks, damaging both ships above the water line, and requiring the grand banks’ maintinance period to be moved forward by a few weeks.

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