Monthly Archives: September 2022

M/V Asterix

The Navys leased supply ship Asterix has been tied up facing the bridge since it returned to the dockyard last week. crews have been painting it.

its scheduled to turn tomorrow at 11am, to its more normal stern to the bridge orientation.

M.V Confederation is grounded

M.V Confederation appears to be around out side the channel in Caribou NS. NFL has cancelled today’s sailings, citing a Technical Issue. It looks like Confederation left the channel after departing on the 8:30 am sailing to PEI, so presumably there are passengers aboard.. has details from a passenger. the plan sounds like they will attempt to back off the sandbar at 5pm, the next high tide.

Photo from Oct 2022. Confederation Entering Caribou Ferry terminal. Its a tight channel.

UPDATE: the Confederation was floated off the sandbar on the high tide just before 5pm, and returned to Caribou. A Statement from NFL indicated the boat suffered a steering failure, that led to the grounding. the steering was able to be repaired while the ship was grounded.

Sailings on Monday were also cancelled, citing a technical issue

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