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CMA-CGM Lapérouse

the 13,800 TEU container ship CMA-CGM Lapérouse tied up Saturday on the Columbus JAX service. The ship was built in 2010, and is named after a French naval officer who led an expedition to Australia in 1788, and was never seen again. Locally Jean-François de Galaup, Comte de Lapérouse led supply missions to Louisbourg.

CMA-CGM Lapérouse sailed Sunday morning.

New Engine for National Gypsum?

This little Locomotive was unloaded from an ACL vessel this week. The unit was shipped to the UK in February 2022 as a Demo Unit for RSS. It has now returned, and is rumored to be replacing the SW1500 switcher at Gold Bond, reportedly on its last legs.

Designed by Tractive Power Corp of North Vancouver, the TP56 is designed for Industrial Switching. The Locomotive is built on a 3 axle HT-C truck normally used in EMD’s much larger locomotives. This 80 ton unit has 375 horspower, and 56000lbs of tractive effort.

End of Charter for Vivienne Sheri D?

The general cargo ship Vivienne Sheri D has been sailing for Eimskip for the past several years (also operating under the Names Pictor and Pictor J), however since 2021 the vessel is actually owned by the Doornekamp Group. After acquiring the vessel, it was reported that Doornkamp would leave the vessel on its charter.

The Doornekamp group also operate the picton terminal. in 2021 they acquired 2 ships, the other being Peyton Lynn C with a plan to move cargo form Halifax to Picton Ontario via the St Lawrence Seaway. Peyton Lynn C Currently operates with Spliethoff, and sails into the lakes seasonally. It seems likely Vivienne Sheri D will join that arrangement.

Eimskip recently added Bakkafoss, a new ship to the rotation. Foss is icelandic for waterfall, and the Bakkafoss is located on the Buoara river in Westfjords.

MSC Rossella at Anchor

MSC Rossella took to anchor in the basin this morning. The ship arrived from Montreal on the 10th and tied up at Pier 42. It is now scheduled to sail to barcelona, Giving an et of March 22, though it currently doesnt have a scheduled departure.

Built in 1993, the MSC Rossella is 30 years old, and carries 3398TEU

Fairwind Legion at Pier 9

Fairwind Legion was built in 2015 as Thorco Legion, and is currently managed by Franbo. The Thorco (and Franbo) vessels are frequent callers in Halifax to load cable tanks.

The ship sailed from Houston Feb 11, and arrived this morning.

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