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PSA Halifax Updates – ships and New Cranes

Saturday saw Maersk Patras (Above) and Contship Leo at Pier 41/42 respectively. Contship Leo operates on ZIM’s Canada Feeder Express service between Halifax, New York and Kingston Jamaica. Maersk Patras serves the 2m Alliance’s St Laurent 1 Service with stops in Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Montreal and Halifax.

CMA CGM Alexander von Humboldt spent yesterday at pier 42, with Oceanex Connaigra at pier 41. At 16000teu, CMA CGM Alexander von Humboldt is amoung the largest ships to call in Halifax.

With more Large ships on the way, PSA Halifax Announced the Purchase of 2 more SPPX Ship to shore gantry cranes. The New Cranes are set to be delivered in early 2023. one was an exercised option from the last purchase, and the other is net new. they will join the existing Cranes at Pier 41/42

The PSA Release includes quotes from Kevin Piper, president of the Halifax Council of ILA Locals, which is notable as evidence of a good relationship between the major Halifax terminal operator and labour.

Maersk Palermo and Labour action in Montreal?

A Sunday call for MSC Annick (at Pier 41) and Maersk Palermo.

Both ships call on Montreal where due to a questionable labour situation, Container volumes were down 10% in March. This led to the Employers association revoking some pay guarantees, which looks to have goaded the union into a limited labour action – the details of which will be announced at a press conference Monday afternoon.

MSC Eleni at Pier 42

Arriving early this afternoon, MSC Eleni arrived from Portugal. The ship is rated for 5000TEU, and will be headed for Montreal, before stopping back in Halifax on her way back to Europe.

MSC Recently announced that Halifax would be added as an inbound and outbound port on the Canada Express 2 service. MSC had been making 1 call per week on a trial basis since last years strike at the port of Montreal, and recently began the double call prior to the official announcement.

Largest Container Ship to Call in Canada

Take that west coast ports.

This morning, the largest containerized cargo vessel to call at a Canadian port arrived at the Port of Halifax. The CMA CGM Brazil, 366 metres length, 51 metres beam and 15,072 TEU capacity, berthed at PSA Halifax at approximately 12:00 a.m. ADT.

Placed on end, it would be the third tallest structure in Canada, after the CN Tower, and the INCO Superstack in Sudbury. The ship entered service in in May of this year, and is likely on its first trip.

COSCO Himalayas, at 14,200teu called at Prince Rupert in 2017 and held the previous record for largest ship to call in Canada

The CMA CGM Brazil sails on the weekly Columbus JAX service, from South Asia to the East Coast of America. With a terminal area of 32 ha, a quay length of 1,045m and a depth of 16.5m, PSA Halifax is the only port in Eastern Canada that can accommodate ultra-class vessels.

This inaugural call of the CMA CGM Brazil comes shortly after the arrival of Eastern Canada’s largest ship-to-shore super post-Panamax crane in July 2020, bringing the total number of SPPX cranes at PSA Halifax to five. The Halifax Port Authority is in the final stage of completion of a deep-water berth extension which will bring the total quay length to 800 meters to meet the growing deployment of Ultra Class Container Vessels.

the ship is currently scheduled to sail at 11:30. this may change however.

UPDATE: Firm Pilot order for 13:30.

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