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Oceanex Avalon

With the Oceanex Sanderling undergoing a refit in Europe, Oceanex has be alternating the two ships from their Montreal service to call in Halifax.

Oceanex Avalon carries containers only, and so is unable to handle the RO-RO traffic from Halifax. The ship was built in 2005, and is rated for 1004Teu.

Packing them in at Halterm.

This morning saw 3 ships tied up at Pier 41/42. Oceanex Sanderling took up he usual spot at pier 41, and came off the dock at 11:45 to head over to Autoport. Warnow Sun, for Russian firm Atlantic RO-RO took up the Middle position. She is scheduled to sail this afternoon, though cargo operations appear to be complete.

(above) Oceanex Sanderling comes off pier 41behind Warnow Sun.

Emskip vessel Skogafoss had the southern most position at pier 42, and Departed for Portland Maine at 11:30 (below) Skogafoss just coming off the dock Outbound.


Oceanex, Ice, and Bow Damage.

Oceanex has recently been having a rough go of it in the ice.  The other week, Oceanex Connaigra was sporting large dents in her bulbous bow after encountering ice. The same fate appears to have occurred to Oceanex Sanderling, who is currently tied up at pier 36, with new plating being installed on her bow.


given the limited extent of the damage, my guess is the ships struck Growlers, basically “small” chunks of ice floating floting south. While much smaller then a an Iceberg, they clearly can do alot of damage.

Oceanex Ends Service to Corner Brook

Oceanex vessels will no longer be sailing to Corner Brook NF. Cargo will be delivered to St. John’s and shipped over land. The company sighted dropping traffic levels and subsidized competition from Marine Atlantic as the cause.

Oceanex Runs 3 vessels, Connraiga and Oceanex Avalon sailing from Montreal, and Oceanex Sanderling from Halifax.

(Above) Oceanex Avalon departing St John’s (file photo)

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