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Grand Pavo at pier 9

Grand Pavo Arrived at pier 9 yesterday to unload assorted heavy equipment, including a pair of rail grinders. The ship then moved to Autoport Saturday to finish unloading cars.

Built in 2005, Grand Pavo has a max capacity of 6400 cars. Pavo is named for a peacock in Greek mythology. Hera , queen of the heavens, used a peacock to pull her chariot through the skies.

ONE Stork

ONE Stork made its first call to Halifax late this afternoon. at 140026TEU it is the largest vessel to call on The Alliance’s EC5 service.

The EC5 service has long been served by vessels in the 7000-8000TEU range, the largest vessels that can call on Fairview cove. In December, the Alliance announced upgrades to vessels beginning this April which would see 14,000-15,000 teu vessels added to the EC5 service.

Currently all of the listed new vessels on the EC5 service are named after Birds, Including ONE Hawk and ONE Eagle. These 14026TEU ships were built for NYK beginning in 2016.

at 14026TEU, these ships are the 5th largest to call on Halifax. The ports TEU size records are tracked in this post.

CSL Metis for Gold Bond Gypsum.

the Bulker CSL Metis arrived this evening for Gold Bond Gypsum. the ship was previously in Portsmouth New Hampshire.

CSL Metis sails under the CSL Americas fleet, and is flagged in the Bahamas for International trade. Built in 1981, as a tanker, in 2007 a new forebody was constructed in china, and attached to the original stern and accommodation block. The ships power is 41 years old, but the cargo handling end is much newer.

Start of the Cruise Season

Norwegian Dawn, Departing on a previous call.

The cruise season kicked off this past weekend with a call by Norwegian Dawn. It was followed up today by the first call of the season of Holland America Lines Zaandam

File Photo of Zaandam. these ships are here alot.

Morning Charlotte

Morning Charlotte tied up at Pier 9 last night to unload cargo. The ship is scheduled to sail at 1300 today for Charleston South Carolina without a stop at Autoport. (ed: Ooops. it called on Autoport First. I missed that.)

Morning Charlotte was built in 2007.

FS Fulmar for port visit

The French Marine National patrol vessel Fulmar put into port yesterday for a visit. The ship is the French Naval presence in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. The ship is a regualr visitor to Halifax, Usually tieing up at Tall Ships Quay next to Nova Scotia Power.

BBC Challenger for Boilers

BBC Challenger arrived at pier 9 on Wendsday to load boilers which have been on the dock for a while now. The loading took place on Good Friday.

BBC Challenger was built as Thorco Challenger in 2008. the ships cranes are rated at 80 tons each, for a combined lift of 160 tons.

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