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Jasmina D Loads

The bulk Carrier Jasmina D loading product at the Halifax Grain Elevator. The Malta registered ship was built in 2012. Jasmina D is 180m and 30m Wide. The ship comes in at 35000DWT, making at a Handysize Bulk Carrier, which includes vessels up to 50000DWT, which are small enough to fit into most ports.

Loading operations often produce a dust clould, and you can clearly see the accumulation around the aft 3 holds. Ships must be loaded in a certain order to ensure they dont loose stability during loading.

CSL Metis for Gold Bond Gypsum.

the Bulker CSL Metis arrived this evening for Gold Bond Gypsum. the ship was previously in Portsmouth New Hampshire.

CSL Metis sails under the CSL Americas fleet, and is flagged in the Bahamas for International trade. Built in 1981, as a tanker, in 2007 a new forebody was constructed in china, and attached to the original stern and accommodation block. The ships power is 41 years old, but the cargo handling end is much newer.

3x CSL

(Above) After taking on a cargo of gypsum, Baie St Paul took the the inner anchorage. the ship is set to sail this evening into the lakes. (below) another CSL Ship, Rt Hon Paul E Martin tied up at the Gold Bond wharf. A Ocean going bulker, its likely headed for Baltimore. CSL Tarantau, another ocean going bulker is waiting in the basin to take its place.

Algoma Mariner at the Grain Elevator

Algoma Mariner sailed Wednesday, but spent a day discharging cargo at the grain elevator. Algoma Mariner arrived from Thunder Bay, and sailed for the Quary at Aulds Cove.

Grain from the Prairies moves by rail to Thunder Bay, where it si then transported by ship. there are major export facilities in Montreal and Port Cartier PQ. Large vessels visiting Montreal to load often cant take a full cargo due to draft limitations, and will stop in Halifax to top up the holds.

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