This page is designed to be a one stop resource for yachting and sailing in Halifax.


Many Documents must be carried by the competent
navigator. Here are links to the ones that are freely available. Charts
and Sailing Directions can be purchased through the Canadian Hydrographic Service ( The US Geo-spatial Intelligence agency also has sailing directions available.
Sailing Directions (PDF’S, US Geo spatial Intelligence Agency )

Halifax Charts

Halifax is covered by 3 Charts


4201 – Halifax Harbour: Bedford Basin (Aug 2017 ed)
4202 – Halifax Harbour: Point Pleasant to / à Bedford Basin (Feb 2016 ed)
4203 – Halifax Harbour: Black Point to / à Point Pleasant (Apr 2000 ed)
4237 – Approaches to / Approches de Halifax Harbour (Sambro Harbour Inset) (Jun 2000 ed)


The Binnacle
15 Purcells Cove Rd. Halifax, NS, B3N 1R2
Tel: 1-800-224-3937 (902-423-6464)

North Sails Atlantic The Yacht Shop

3514 Joseph Howe Drive, Halifax, NS
Tel:902-445-3278 (1-800-227-6233)

Yacht Clubs

Halifax Is home to a number of Yacht clubs.
 Bedford Basin Yacht Club
 Dartmouth Yacht Club
 Armdale Yacht Club
 Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron

Shearwater Yacht Club

Surrounding are also features a number of Clubs
St. Margaret Sailing Club


Many of the local clubs run a Wednesday night sailing series. More details can be found at the clubs page. Halifax is home to 2 main ocean races, which run in opposite years. The even years offer the Route Halifax St Pierre, and the odd years run the Marblehead to Halifax.

The Racing Rules of Sailing