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train CN501

Fairlift Delivers to Stena Icemax

_MG_6662The Heavy lift vessel Fairlift made a quick stop at pier 31 today. She reportedly delivered something to the Stenna Icemax, now located off the Shelburne Basin. Jumbo Shipping does offer subsea installation as one of their services, so its possible the ship delivered something to the seabed, rather then to the ship itself.


In other Icemax news, the CNSOPB gave shell permission to start drilling again.

Point Vim returns

Former Halifax based tug point vim made a return appearance tucking in at Fairview cove. Formerly based at ectug, she was sold and now works out of Newfoundland, but retained her former name and colours.

She sailed at 3:30

A very Short CN121 Last night.

Dinkeldiep Bows Out.


With the Return of Nolhanava to Halifax, Dinkeldiep’s time on the St Pierre Run is over. After offloading on Friday, She moved to the basin to anchor, and Sailed for St John’s on Sunday.

Nolhanava Loaded on Saturday, and sailed for St Pierre.

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