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One Month of Ship Traffic – Sept. 2020 traffic

Well, its time for an updated map. This version is based on data from the month of September 2020. Its available as a pdf download (31mb).

2020 brought alot more traffic to be mapped versus the previous 2 versions, based on increased adoption of AIS. The Navy’s tugs now show on AIS, and the new Jetty NJ is in use at the dockyard. COVE has traffic, and Dominion Diving vessels are visible coming out of Dartmouth Cove. The Irving Woodside oil dock is in use, and we have trips to Georges island.

(below left) Fishing vessels in Dartmouth Cove. (below right) Boats at Anchor in the North West Arm.

(below)Boats at the Dartmouth Yacht Club.

The 2020 Map was again made in QGIS, and this time made use of several open data sets. The land is based on the 2018 LIDAR 5m DEM (Digital Elevation Model) coloured to denote elevation. The city is made form the road center lines, coloured dark grey, and the Building Polygon’s, from the Building Outlines data coloured light grey.

The waters of the harbour were built with the CHS NONNA 10 data set. The GeoTiff’s were downloaded, merged into a single file, the colored to show depth. Vector contours were generated, and are visible as a subtle detail in the waters.

Otherwise, the same basic process was followed as outlined in my 2016 how its made post

Bathmetry of the Narrows.

Going Back In time
The first map was based on traffic in Nov 2011. COVE was still in use by the coast guard, so traffic is visible. the Ferries are absent, as they didn’t carry AIS in 2011. Imperial Oil is still seeing tanker traffic.

Traffic from Nov 2011.

The 2011 map was made in ESRI ArcGIS, and the basemap came from a web mapping service. For 2016, the map was made in QGIS, and the line whights were made finer, with a simpler outline of the harbour.

The traffic in August 2016 is quite different. the Ferries have left a clear Whale tale mark where they cross to Alderney and Woodside. COVE is not yet in regular use, and has limited traffic. There is much less traffic to Imperial oil.

2016 traffic.

Disasters at Sea is Back.

Nautical Mayday is back for Season 2 on the Discovery Channel.

Season 2 of Disasters at Sea Premiers Sunday Evening (Oct 18th). If you missed season 1, you can catch up for free right now on the Discovery Channel website. (or via the app)

Season 2 of DISASTERS AT SEA starts with the 2006 sinking of B.C. passenger ferry Queen of the North, which struck an underwater ledge off Gil Island carrying 101 passengers – all but two of which were rescued by Gitga’at First Nation residents in Hartley Bay.

The Other 5 Episodes:

The Arctic Rose Mystery , Airing Oct. 25
The catastrophic loss of fishing vessel Arctic Rose is made more mysterious by the fact that only the captain had time to put on his survival suit. Searching for answers, investigators send an ROV to survey the sunken wreck and uncover an intriguing clue that ignites controversy among their own ranks.

Firefight, Airing Nov. 1
A routine ferry trip turns deadly when the MS Norman Atlantic burst into flames, trapping more than 400 passengers on board and killing more than 30 people. Why did a modern passenger ferry catch fire? And why did the evacuation go so wrong?

The Sinking of the Lady Mary, Airing Nov. 8
When a family-owned scallop vessel sinks in the middle of the night, even the lone survivor isn’t sure what happened. Investigators have two mysteries to solve: What sank the Lady Mary, and why did only one person live to tell the tale?

Storm Watch, Airing Nov. 15
The containership SS El Faro goes down just 20 miles from the eye of Hurricane Joaquin killing all 33 of the crew. With the shipwreck and all the evidence at the bottom of the sea, investigators must go to enormous lengths to recover the ship’s black box and find out what went wrong and why?

Death on the Staten Island Ferry, Airing Nov 22
A routine trip on New York’s Staten Island ferry turns deadly when the ship slams into a pier at high speed, killing 11 people and injuring dozens more.

DISASTERS AT SEA is produced in a purpose-built studio in Hamilton, Ont. and on-location throughout Canada and the U.S. The Producers provided a set tour, so you can get a sense of what goes into making the show.

The series, which recently wrapped post-production on Season 3, has been sold in more than 100 markets worldwide, including Eastern and Western Europe, as well as Australia.

Ortolian Gamma for ACL

Ortolan Gamma arrived last Friday for ACL filling in for Atlantic Star which is currently at Gdansk, Poland, likely for a work period.

of note, ACL is reflagging its ships. the UK Seafarers union RMT issued a statement:

The ACL fleet was registered in the Port of Liverpool from 2016, when the Atlantic Sea was christened by Princess Anne, the first in Liverpool for fifty years. Yet earlier this week, ACL re-flagged one of its sister ships Atlantic Sky to the Maltese register – a Flag of Convenience and the biggest shipping register in the EU. ACL’s owners Grimaldi Group have warned that the rest of the ACL G4 ships on the Red Ensign are also likely to be re-flagged.

ACL has been threatening to reflag it ships since 2018 over concerns over no deal Brexit. Several other shipping lines have been doing the same. the full release can be found here

Avalon Sea and Boa Barge 37

Avalon Sea Departed with the Boa Barge 37 bound for Mulgrave NS.

The operator of the Hibernia platform will be using the barge to transport, remove and install the new Hibernia pedestal deck cranes via a heavy-lift, semi-submersible crane vessel. the plan is to use the Thialf – currently removing the Sable offshore platforms to install the new cranes.

The original plan was for the Thialf to arrive at the Hibernia platform in July 2020 to execute the pedestal crane lifts and then return to Nova Scotia to complete its work Due to COVID related delays with the work decommissioning sable, there is a high risk of not being able to do the crane replacement using the Thialf.

Atlantic towing had applied for a coasting trade license to use the barge to accept the cranes when they arrive in Nova Scotia where they will be moved from the delivery ship to the barge in Chedebucto Bay, then secured at the Mulgrave Marine Terminal before being transported to Port of Argentia, NL for discharge and storage until such time that an installation vessel becomes available..

Boa Barge 37 is on charter to Halifax Shipyards and is used as the launch platform for the AOPS.

Theodore Too for sale

in what is perhaps a shocking development, Ambassatours Gray Line has listed the Theodore Too for sale with Scrunton Marine.

Theodore was built by Snyder shipyard in 2000, as a full size replica of the namsake tug from the kids TV show Theodore the tugboat, which was based in a fiction harbour modeled on Halifax.

Based on Public sentiment previously expressed, i think most haligonians would gladly trade the harbour hoppers to save Theodore.

Global News Broke the Story – Ambassatours claims they loose money on every tour for the last several years. Theodore will remain tied up in Bedford until it is sold.

Ex HMCS Cormorant to be removed and recycled.

The feds posted an rfp for the removal and scrapping of the former HMCS Cormorant, which has been languishing in Bridgewater. The ship sunk in 2015, when someone went aboard and open valves from the sea chest. The coast guard cleaned up that mess, and last year took further actions to deal with the risk of pollution left over from its work in 2015.

A consultants report included with the RFP indicates the cost of removal and scraping to be in the 2 million dollar range. The rfp closes August 13.

These photos were taken by me, Just prior to the Coast Guard taking action last November.

Cyclone in Operation

VDQ anchored in the Basin.

I caught a cyclone in operation on VDQ early this afternoon. its not clear if it flew, but it was running at power.

Shutter speed has frozen the rotors, but they are both spinning when this image was taken.
Done, and crew are back on the Flight deck.

HMCS Fredericton’s Helicopter has Crashed

reports are that the CH148 Cyclone, carried by HMCS Fredericton has crashed in Italian waters. Both the ship and Helicopter are based in Halifax, and were serving with SNMG2 in the Mediterranean Sea.

Fredericton, along with Italian and Turkish ships are searching the area. Reports are 1 body has been found by the Italian frigate, along with debris, and 5 others are missing.

Updates to follow

UPDATE 1: DND has confirmed the Aircraft is missing, and SAR efforts are under way. the CH-148 was lost in the Ionian Sea. Plane spotters indicate Shearwater advised all cylcones to return to base an hour ago.

UPDATE 19:47: Its currently 00:47 in the Ionian sea, Initial reports were 3 hours ago, so this flight would have happened under night time conditions. Weather forecast is clear,light winds 17 degree temp. half moon, so not totally dark.

UPDATE 00:55: RCAF confirmed via tweet family of all those aboard have been notified. should be coming up on Sunrise in the next hour.

UPDATE 0549: the search continues, with an Italian military ATR flying search patterns.

UPDATE 10:55: The Chronicle Herald has identified sub-Lt. Abbigail Cowbrough from Eastern Passage as the first victim of the Crash through Facebook posts from her parents.

UPDATE:12:20: the ATR Air search ended at 7:55am our time

News Conference – They have the flight recorders, 5 are still missing.
Sajjan says that Italy, Greece, the US and Turkey are all helping with the search and rescue effort off the coast of Greece.
At 6:52 pm Greece time, HMCS Fredericton lost contact with the helicopter. Soon after, the ship spotted flares that were shot from the water. the voice and data recorders floated away from the helicopters wreckage. “It’s in 3000 M of waters in the Ionian sea”

UPDATE 18:00:
Names of the missing have been released.

Additionally, some tweets from the Turkish military on scene.

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