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Visiting Warships x3 this week.

File Photo

This week sees 3 visits by warships. the first, Fulmar, arrived late last week for work at Tall Ships Quay. Fulmar is the French Marine National presence in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, and frequently puts into Halifax for work periods and friendly visits.

USCGC Campbell arriving in 2011

The US Coast Guard Cutter Campbell arrived Saturday morning. the ship is based in Kittery Maine, and stops in Halifax every few years. A Medium Endurance Cutter, the type visits Halifax frequently.

Arriving Sunday, is the USS Jason Dunham. the Arleigh Burke class destroyer is based in Norfolk, and was commissioned in 2010.

Ferry Troubles in Quebec.

The Province of Quebec has a Ferry Problem, and it keeps getting worse in Spectacular ways.

La Société des Traversiers du Quebec (STQ) operates a ferry service year round from Matane to Baie-Comeau and Godbout Quebec. Without it, there is a 10-12 hour trip to a bridge to cross the St Lawrence river at Quebec city. The detour shortens somewhat with Seasonal Ferries in service.

In 2015, the brand new, F-A Gauthier went into service. the Ferry was built by Fincantieri in Italy, and is powered by LNG. this past December, it was pulled from service due to a technical issue, and drydocked. there is no timeline for its return, however there are reports it may be back in service in August.

STQ was able to borrow a boat from CMTA, due to the seasonal nature of the service, however that was only usable for so long. The STQ needed a long term solution, and was able to acquire the veteran ferry Apollo, which was serving between St. Barbe, N.L. and Blanc Sablon PQ, crossing the Straight of Belle Isle. The Woodward group, who own and operate the ferry have a replacement vessel Qajaq w in service this year as the permanent replacement for the 49 year old boat.

STQ purchased the Apollo for 2.1 million dollars in January, and promptly put it into service. What seemed like a good long term solution became problematic, after only a few weeks in service, the Ferry struck the dock in Godbout February 25th. The boat was repaired, and returned to service March 8, but 8 days latter, on march 16, struck the dock in Matane.

The First Collision in Godbout.

The second collision proved to be the fatal blow, as a more detailed inspection by the TSB raised concerns about the seaworthiness of the Vessel, including corrosion, issues with water tightness, and electrical problems. STQ has permanently docked the vessel, after spending 3.5 million on it.

However it gets worse – As the Quebec government is now stating that Transport Canada inspected the Apollo in 2018, and again when it was sold in January, and determined it was safe. The Transportation Safety board told the Saltwire network however they were expanding the investigation to look at the ferries operation in Newfoundland, as there recent inspections uncovered damage from previous incidents, that appear to have gone unreported.

This raises serious questions about the quality and competence of Transport Canada Inspectors. Concerns have been raised recently about TC inspectors, as at the criminal trial of the Marathasa, the judge found one of the inspectors to not be a credible witness.

The Marathasa was a new build bulk carrier that spilled bunker fuel into Vancouver’s English Bay. the ship faced criminal charges for the pollution incident, but was acquitted when they presented a Due Diligence defense. having one of the prime witnesses for the crown to be deemed not credible by the judge certainly went along way to advancing the defense’s position.

the TSB report into the Apollo, when it is released, should make for an interesting read.

Hi All,

i know posting has been thin this month. it should return to normal shortly.

In the beginning I was tied up prepping for an exam. That exam sent someone to the hospital. I know that’s vague, but not much has been said publicly, and its not my place to say more.
Suffice to say, I was distracted, and needed some time.

I have updated the map, which should hopefully speed up page load times. there’s a few other things in the works, and you should see posts again this week.


A short, late, weekly news #37


1.USS Fitzgerald
ProPublica offers a really good write up on what happened with the Collision between the warship and an outbound ship.

2.Fire Control
the Fire on APL Vancouver was declared under control.

3. Montreal Debt
the port of Montreal is expanding, by taking on 500million in debt to fund it.

4.CN and Halterm
this article covers CN’s interest in Halterm from a railway perspective

5.The Heral

This week I talk about the Alam Sayang, a ship that lost power in Canadian Waters off BC.


1.(Above) buy a warship

2.(below) Research


Feb 4 1945 – The Yalta Conference. Allied leaders Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin convened for their first meeting

Feb 3 1970 -The oil tanker Arrow went aground on Cerberus Rock, NS. Over 10,000 tons of oil were spilled into the waters of Chedabucto Bay

Feb 1 1968 – Black Thursday, when Canadian Armed Forces was created, unifying RCN, RCAF & Canadian Army into a single organization. Stripping the services of identity.

Lots of Small Ships, and ice

(Above)Unistar arrived first Friday from Belledune NB, and tied up at Pier 9 to take on bunkers. she sailed overnight Saturday. (below) the Bandura arrived with Casks of Radioactive material on deck. the ship arrived Friday afternoon, and sailed before sunset.

(below)Lomur arrived at Halterm for Eimskip. Sailing on the Green Line, the ship arrived from Argentia NF. and took a fair amount of freezing spray. A small ship, she is rated for 505TEU, and sailed for Portland Maine.

The ice was knocked off with the spreader, before the containers could be removed. The Photo above and video below were contributed by a friend of the site.

BREAKING: SAR Underway after Vessel Sinks

Overnight a fishing vessel sank in the approaches to Halifax Harbour. 2 people were rescued, and a third is missing. Navy divers will attempt to search the ~40foot vessel come daylight

CCGS Sambro, Atlantic Bear, and CCGS Corporal Teathier C.V are participating in the search, along with an Cormorant Helicopter.

the vessel is used as a dive boat, and not a fishing vessel. Word is its Owned by RMI Marine. the call came in around 2am

Updates will be posted Here

Captain Jim. file photo.

UPDATE 0922: I have been told the vessel is the Captain Jim. I was told the vessels life raft is tethered to the vessel, so the location of the boat is known. JRCC Reported it lost power, then began taking on water, and the crew abandoned ship

Captain Jim was built as Atlantic Walnut in 1989 by GUIMOND’S BOATS of Baie Ste Anne. the boat is 37′ long and made of fiberglass.

UPDATE 1043:

UPDATE 1100:
word is the 2 rescued persons were picked up by the Pilot Boat.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) is deploying a team of investigators to Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, where the service boat Captain Jim sank this morning. The TSB will gather information and assess the occurrence.

UPDATE 1135:
From Joint task force Atlantic
“The search for the missing crew member this morning is over. Navy divers have located the body of the crew member inside the sunken vessel. JRCC Halifax’s thoughts are with the crew member’s family, friends and colleagues at this difficult time “

UPDATE 1224:
the Captain Jim was reportedly conducting a personnel transfer from one of the tankers at the outer anchorage when the incident occurred. That person is one of the survivors. the tankers Star I for Imperial Oil and Elka Hrecules for Irving Oil are in the anchorage.

UPDATE 1238:
the herald is reporting the Deceased had been with the company since July.

Eastbound EC5 x2

Left: Shanghai Trader at the east birth Right: Dalian Express at the West birth

The Dalian Express is making her east bound stop on the EC5 service. She was last here a few weeks ago heading westbound. Joining her at the east end of Fairview Cove is the Shanghai Trader, which sailed from Bremmerhaven, and appears to have made east bound stops in Savannah and New York in place of the Yantain express.

Shanghai Express

Shanghai Trader’s trip is extra odd, since at least 3 eastbound vessels have called on these cities in the eastbound direction. typically east bound are a large number of empty containers due to to trade in balances between Asia and North America. the Deck Load, and the ship being so high out of the water suggests it is loaded mostly with empties.

Dalian Express

Most Popular Posts

With the Yantain Express fire being on the verge of taking the second place spot for most popular post i thought it was worth mentioning the real second most popular post. Since moving the Site off Blogger, the Popular posts widget was reset. The 5th most popular post on the current site is more popular then all but the most popular post from the old host.

Asian Emperor DamagedFeb 17, 2014, 7788
Radioactive leak at Fairview CoveMar 13, 2014, 3142
John 1 aground off NewfoundlandMar 15, 2014, 2957
FS Monge – Rocket Tracking ShipOct 5, 2015, 2077
HMCS Iroquois to be Paid off May 1Mar 24, 2015, 1850

The Asian emperor was a car-carrier that had some cargo break free off halifax, and get trashed as it rolled about the hold. the ship was also carrying a number of custom order BMW’s which the owners were tracking online, and following the progress of the ship.

when it was delayed, they started posting in Car forums, and i started receiving anxious emails from people wondering if their car had survived.

Largest Container Ship yet

Port of Halifax photo via twitter.

Today brought the arrival of the CMA-CGM Libra, the largest container ship to call in halifax to date. She is Rated at 11,388TEU. Built in 2010, and flagged in Malta, the ship is calling on the Columbus loop service.

The Largest container ship to cal in Cnada so far, was the COSCO Himalayas, which tied up at the Prince Rupert Fairview Terminal November 14-19/2017. that ship is rated for 14,500 Teu

2018 in review

2018 saw turn 10 years old. I also began writing a weekly column in the Chronicle Herald in early September.


The navy’s interim supply vessel NRU Astrix arrived in Halifax for the first time, and after workups, sailed for the Pacific.

HMCS Athabaskan was consigned to the scrapers in January, and was towed from the Port for the last time on March 29th

HMCS Oriole During the 2017 Tall Ships Event.

HMCS Oriole was reassigned to Marlant, after a winter refit in Esquimalt . HMCS Sackville spent the summer undergoing extensive restoration work at he dockyard, and returned to the water in the fall.

Visiting Ships, USS Little rock, after wintering in Montreal due to ice, HDMS Ejnar Mikkelcson, USCGS Mobile Bay, USCGC Legare, Submarine USS Toledo, RFA TideSpring, USS Hue City, USCGC Katmai Bay, French submarine FS Amethyste, USS Wichita, USS Sioux City, BASH Rhone, USCGC Abbie Burgess , USS Arliegh Burke


The March 18 call of APL Salalah at Halterm set the current record for largest containership to call on Halifax at 10,798TEU

The port began expansion of pier 42, to accommodate two ultra class ships at the same time. Equipment upgrades also continued at Halterm with the arrival of 3 new RTG’s

In a bid to Cut costs, ZIM Started a New Canada Florida Express service, and stopped calling in halifax on the ZCP Service. The ZCA Service remained unchanged, while ZCI service began being marketed by The Alliance as AL7, after they canceled the Halifax call of their competing AL6 service.

Maersk added a New weekly Med/Montreal Express (MMX) Serivce with a call in Halifax with its first call in early august. Halifax was dropped from the service in November. 

Other Commercial

Grimaldi Named a new Car Carrier Grande Halifax. Grimalidi group is the parent of ACL, one of the port of Halifax’s first container customers. 

Dominon diving purchased dominion warrior, a workboat

Leeway marine added the leeway Striker to their fleet.

The final New Dartmouth Ferry, the Rita Joe was delivered in October. the Vincent Colman was delivered in January, and entered service in February.

Norwegian bliss made a stop in Halifax April 30th on her maiden voyage, heading to spend the summer cruising Alaska. Fram was the first Cruise ship of the season, arriving 8 days earlier on April 22nd  

Theodore Too summers in Saint John. Then broke down on his return to Halifax. 

Ocearch came and tagged sharks.

CSS Acadia had funding announced for its restoration, which will take place in 2019. 


The Boa Barge 37 arrived to facilitate launching of the AOPS at the shipyard at the end of April. The first ship received its final coat of paint in August, was launched in September, and  was named HMCS Harry DeWolf in a Ceremony at the shipyard. AOPS #2, the future HMCS Margaret Brooke, had the Center and stern megablocks rolled out and joined at the end of September, and the keel laying ceremony for AOPS #3, the future HMCS Max Bernays was held December 5th. The feds also announced they were going ahead with a 6th AOPS, after splitting the Halifax Class Maintenance contract between Halifax shipyard and Davie. 

Davie completed the conversion of the former Vidar Viking, into the Medium Icebreaker CCGS Captain Molly Kool.

the Coast Guard began taking delivery of its new Bay Class lifeboats.


The CCGS Corporal McLearn MMV was damaged after someone cut the cables securing the cradle the vessel was sitting on at the CAE Shipyard in Sambro Head, causing it to become partially submerged. 

In June 3 men were arrested with diving gear after drugs were found in a sea chest of the container ship Aracia. The ship was operated by CMA-CGM on the the maersk CAE service.

the Akademik Ioffe ran aground in the arctic.

The Norwigan Frigate, KNM Helge Ingstad sunk after a collision with a tanker. The Norwegian accident investigation board’s interim report suggest the hull has a design or construction flaw, which caused the loss of the ship.

In July a dump truck operator was killed, after his truck ended up in the harbour at the infill site next to Fairview cove.

In August, the Tufts cove power plant spilled bunker C oil into the harbour. The cleanup took months. 

Planes, Trains..

Halifax saw 2 derailments in 2018. the first in Rockingham yard saw a number of cars go off the end of a track. the second, at the south end terminals, saw 2 cars damaged as they split a turnoff.

A Skycube 747 crashed at the end of the runway at YHZ after overshooting on landing. there were minor injuries. the plane was scraped onsite.

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