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Louis St Laurent Arrives in Halifax

The CCGS Louis St Laurent arrived in Halifax. and tied up at the Coast Guard Base in Dartmouth.
She damaged her bow in a Colision with the Maple Lea.

Photos to follow. 
(Below) looks like a patch was applied in Sydney. This was likely to keep the water out in an area where the hull was breached. The remaining damage looks to be to the deck railing.

Time for a Class Survey

The bulk carrier White Pearl anchored this morning for a class survey. A class survey is performed by a classification society, which basically inspects ships and issues a certificate that they are safe. This certificate ensures the insurance companies that they are insuring safe vessels, and are often used by flag states as well.

White pearl is opened by Arselor Mittal the metal producer.

Progress on non combat NSPS Ships

The Federal Government today announced a series of preliminary contracts valued at a total of $15.7 million for the joint support ships, the CCGS John G. Diefenbaker polar icebreaker and the offshore fisheries science vessels.

As part of the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS), these initial agreements will enable Vancouver Shipyards Co. Ltd. to:
assist in the progression and assessment of the joint support ship design options;
initiate a review of the polar icebreaker design; and
refine the offshore fisheries science vessel design and specifications; and produce construction plans and determine requirements for material, subcontractors and labour.

As part of the non-combat package under the NSPS, the joint support ships will replace the Royal Canadian Navy’s auxiliary oiler replenishment vessels. The new polar icebreaker, the CCGS John G. Diefenbaker, will be delivered to coincide with the decommissioning of the Canadian Coast Guard’s heavy icebreaker, the CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent, and the offshore fisheries science vessels are intended to replace the CCGS Teleost, the Alfred Needler, and the W.E. Ricker.

Enos Collins

The Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron race committee vessel is named the Enos Collins, and today the federal government named a building in Amherst after him.

“Enos Collins was part owner of three privateer ships, including the Liverpool Packet, which captured 50 American merchant vessels for the British,” MP Armstrong stated. “Not only did he contribute immensely to our victory in the War of 1812, but he was also well-known in the community for his contributions to several charities in the Halifax region.”

As a young boy, Enos Collins went to sea aboard his father’s ship. His ambition eventually led him to become part owner of multiple vessels trading out of the thriving seaport of Liverpool, Nova Scotia. During the War of 1812, Collins was a co-owner of the Liverpool Packet, which became famous for capturing 50 American merchant vessels for the British. At that time, he also founded the Halifax Banking Company, which is known today as the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.
For more information on Enos Collins and the War of 1812, please visit

Hero Class #5 Rolled Out

Hero Class #5 was rolled out this morning for painting. She will become the CCGS G. Peddle. Hero #4, CCGS Constable Carrière, has been tarped to protect form overspray, though there are clearly some wind issues.

The Vessel is named after Canadian Coast Guard Chief Officer Gregory Paul Peddle, S.C., of Spaniard’s Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador. Chief Officer Peddle and his colleagues, Senior Engineer Pierre Gallien and Leading Seaman Raymond C. Welcher, lost their lives on October, 15, 1989, when their fast rescue craft overturned in an attempt to rescue a diver off Middle Cove, Newfoundland. Chief Officer Peddle was awarded the Star of Courage.

Maple Lea towed to Sydney after breakdown

General cargo vessel Maple Lea reportedly suffered engine failure off Nova Scotia on Feb 17 13 and was adrift north of Prince Edward Island. According to AIS, vessel was en route to Skaw, Shetland.

Maple Lea is tying up at Sydport in Sydney ns. She was towed in with the tug Atlantic Beach and the tug Spanish Mist. They’re currently transferring generators and heaters from the Beach to the Maple Lea.

Update 02/22:
I have since learned that the Maple Lea was Carrying Potatoes from Summerside, and may have been struck by a Coast Guard vessel

Update 02/23
She was struck by the Louis St Laurent. Don Merritt photos of damage to both ships bellow.

More to follow.
Thanks to Peter C. For the tip

Lyubov Orlova Spotted

Unmanned passenger vessel Lyubov Orlova was spotted on Feb 19 13 in the vicinity 49 22.70N 044 51.34W in North Atlantic. Vessel is drifting towards Europe. It appaers the vessel was located by the US NATIONAL GEOSPATIAL-INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, who are tasked with producing Geographic inteligence, such as navigation charts and coast pilots.More can be found at

Update: added additional chart showing 200nm limit

Tanker to NSPower Plant at Tufts Cove

The Tanker ASOPOS will be ariving and tieing up at the Tufts Cove Generating Station around 0200 tomorow morning.. The plant was originally built as an oil fired plant, but more recently was converted to Natural Gas. It retained the ability to burn oil, and tankers occasionally still tie up there.

There were 2 tankers in 2009, and NT Dartmouth, Halifax’s ex Bunker Tanker made occasional stops as well.

Asopos was last in New York

(Left) File Photo of Buterfly tying up at Tufts cove.

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