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Another USCG Visit

USCGC Thunder Bay (WTGB 108) is due at the Pilot at 10001230.
She is A Bay Class (all class members are named for Bays) Icebreaking tug, based out of Rockland Maine. She arrived in fog, and Tied up at pier NB (AKA November Bravo, Navy B).

Mac, of Shipfax, informs me she will winter in the Great Lakes, providing Ice Breaking services.

Photos later today.

M/V Miner Update.

As you may recall, the M/V Miner ran aground on the shoals off Scatarie Island, after a towline broke. The ship was uninsured, so the the salvage attempts were called off after removing pollutants at the Taxpayers expense. The Plan was to figure out what to do in the spring.

This October 13 (Steve Wadden – Cape Breton Post) Photo Shows there likely wont be much left by spring.

Unique Visitor

The Eidsvaag Vinland Was found tied up at pier 25.
Vessels with the low slung wheel house normally ply the canals and rivers of Europe, were low bridges are a Navigation issue, however she is Apparently Canadian registered to Norcom Marine of Newfoundland, and owned by Norwegian interests.

She Apparently carries fish food for fish farms between Norway, and Newfoundland.

USCGC Campbell

USCGC Campbell (WMEC-909) is a United States Coast Guard medium endurance cutter based at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine. She tied up at Pier Navy B4 this morning.

On Her transit of the inner harbour, It appears she had a keyed mike, as she was the only vessel that could be heard on VHF Ch12.

Welcome to Halifax, Enjoy your stay.

Misc Traffic

Bulker Torm Pacific Arriving to anchor in the Basin.

MM707 Towing a Towed sensor Array

CFAV Quest, Sailing in Circles in the basin. recent reports have her returning from a t rip to European Waters. There are photos of her in the Kiel Canal.

More Men on Ladders – boarding a Frigate:

The Rickmears Soeul also tied up at halterm with a load of wind turbines this past week. I have Junk Photos (mostly fence) so I wont bother posting them.

Island Joiner

The Ferry Island Joiner tied up at Sackville Landing today, Still Flying Newfoundland colors. She was retired by the Provence of Newfoundland this spring, and replaced by a new build vessel. Built in 1973, she most recently served the Long Island-Pilley’s Island run, and was sold for $17,777 and change, plus HST, to a private individual.

Off to the Scrappers?? Nope!

Well the Previous report was all wrong.. Marine traffic Showed ABDALA as a RORO Container Vessel, with a destination of Alang. Rather she is a new build General Purpose Bulk Carrier, owned by Cuba. See more at Shipfax.

The RORO Container Vessel ABDALA is currently inbound for Bunkers. She gives her destination as Alang, India. Could this be her final Stop before the Scrappers?

Photos to follow on her arrival.