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Arthur Lismer, Halifax, and the War.

Most people are familiar with grand paintings commemorating great victories and heroes of wars. These hang in galleries around the world, Including Examples such as Benjamen West’s “Death of General Wolf”, which hangs at the National Gallery of Canada.

Beyond these Examples, Fewer people Are familiar with the War Art programs of the first and Second World Wars. Artists received official Commissions form the government to document the war effort. Some of these paintings are triumphant, But most show the dramatic effects of war. The First World War had a great influence on the Group of Seven. A.Y Jackson and Frederick Varley served with the infantry, and the style of their work is different in the pre and post war periods. – Post war their landscapes almost look dead.

Arthur Lismer, another founding member of the group, spent the War in Halifax. He was at the time serving as the director of the Nova Scotia College of Art. He received a commission to Document the Activities in the Harbour.

Lismer; HMCS Grilse on Convoy Duty

Lismer; The Transport Aquitania

Lismer’s works detailed the comings and goings of ships, Harbour patrols and Mine sweeping, and serve as a vibrant reminder that the war touched us here on the home front.

One Final Footnote – The Jagged paint Schemes on the ships was called Dazzle. It was meant to Disrupt the eye and make ships courses harder to determine. It was Proposed by Painter Norman Wilkinson (who painted Canada’s Answer), In part to Discredit the Cubist Movement.

 Olympic with Returned Soldiers

CCGS Private Robertson V.C.

The First of the Coastguards Midshore Patrol vessels will be Private Robertson V.C.

From the Press Release:
In a solemn event at Irving Shipyard, Minister Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence and Regional Minister for Nova Scotia and Minister Keith Ashfield, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans unveiled the first of nine ‘Hero’ Class Mid-shore patrol vessels currently being built for the Canadian Coast Guard. The Coast Guard ‘Hero’ Class vessels are named after Canadian heroes who have given the ultimate sacrifice for Canada. The first vessel in the class to enter service will be the CCGS Private Robertson V.C. Members of Robertson family accompanied the minister on the tour.

Here She is on Oct 18, as yet unnamed:

(Photo form

HMCS Preserver Collides With Nova Dock

HMCS Preserver Collided with the Nova Dock at Halifax shipyards while turning to tie up at the Naval Dockyard. Reports are No Injuries, But Both Vessels are damaged – Preserver in the Bow Area.

The Scotia Dock Appears to have keel blocks laid out, Likely signalling an upcoming job. The Photo Above was taken Minutes prior to the Collision.

More via CTV News

Caribou and Smallwood on the Beach in Alang

The Former Newfoundland Ferries Caribou and Joseph and Clara Smallwood (renamed Caribo and Smallwood, when transferred to a foreign flag) Have arrived at their fate – the beach In Alang, India to be broken up. Both Ships Stopped in Halifax for bunkers on August 31, before heading for the Mediterranean (Smallwood gave Port Said Egypt as the Destination, and Caribo Gibraltar).

The Image was emailed to me last night by a Source.

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