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HMS Prince of Wales, the UK’s second aircraft carrier sailed for a North American Deployment a couple of days ago. On the way out of Portsmouth, it appears the ship may have struck bottom, and suffered an issue with her Starboard shaft or propeller. She is now at anchor, undergoing inspections.

HMS Prince of Wales was reportedly due to visit Halifax this fall, and under go some exercises with a US Carrier Group.

This brings us to the C-2 greyhound, the US Navy’s carrier capable cargo plane, a variant of the E-2 Hawkeye, the plane features a bigger body, but same engines, tail and wings. This particular plane arrived at YHZ yesterday from Norfolk, and returned this afternoon. Flying as Rawhd75, the plane belongs to VRC-40 rawhides squadron.

Air Show Atlantic

After a 2 year hiatus, Air show Atlantic returned this past weekend to Debert CQQ3.
A full Photo gallery is posted to my Flickr page, containing 1400 images.

Missing from the show were the Snowbirds, who are operationally paused, and an Ukrainian L-29 Delfin was also unable to attend due to IMC conditions on its flight down.

The SkyHawks, the Forces Parachute demo team put on a show, leaping from a Short Skyvan (below), AKA the flying shoebox. CQQ3’s runways are 5000′ long, to short to safely operate a larger aircraft.

The North American Harvard MkII, was built as a trainer for air crews during the Second world war. The Yak-55m was a Soviet design built to dominate the World Acrobatic Championships. The yak-55 first flew in 1981, the M variant with shorter wings entered production in 1991.

Flying in formation, a Pitts Model 12, and a Nanchang CJ-6A

The RCAF provided a 3 pass flyby of the Aurora, and the CF-18 demo team performed.

The Static Display included a RCAF CH-148 Cyclone, CCGS Bell 412, NS DNR Airbus AS350, Forest Protection Ltd. Air Tractor and Gonzo – the DHC-8 with a long nose used by the RCAF for navigation training.

USCGC Tybee at Ectug

The Island class patrol boat USCGC Tybee arrived earlier this week for a port visit. the vessel is based in Woods Hole MA, and is due to sail at 1500 this afternoon.

the Island class are 110′ long, and based on a British design. They were constructed between 1985 and 1992, and 37 vessels of the class are still in active service. Powered by 2 diesel engines, they have a top speed of 29.5knots and a range of 4500km. the Island class carries a crew on 16 – 2 officers and 14 enlisted personnel.

CCGS Molly Kool

The Molly Kool tied up along side the Hudson, having put into BIO after responding to the Holiday Island fire.

with the end of the month, she is likely here for crew change. BIO typically has a busy dock at crew change time, but this is the first time i can recall seeing one ship tied up against another.


Another car carrier at pier 9. Oberon arrived last night, and is scheduled to move to auto port tomorrow at 7, before sailing in the late afternoon.

Oberon was built in 2008.

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