Monthly Archives: April 2021

Maersk Palermo and Labour action in Montreal?

A Sunday call for MSC Annick (at Pier 41) and Maersk Palermo.

Both ships call on Montreal where due to a questionable labour situation, Container volumes were down 10% in March. This led to the Employers association revoking some pay guarantees, which looks to have goaded the union into a limited labour action – the details of which will be announced at a press conference Monday afternoon.

More British Airways at YHZ

From Friday, A British Airways Boeing 777 and 787 sit on the cargo pads at YHZ. (Below) the 777 Head on. (Bottom) The 787 getting ready to depart.

The Flights Arrive as BAW3588 and Depart as BAW3575, though other flight numbers have been used.

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