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Herring Fleet is Back

Sea Life II and Morning Star at Bishop’s Landing. Lady Melissa is not pictured at the museum wharves.

This past week brought the return of the Herring fleet to Halifax. So far, only 3 vessels have tied up, but more may follow.

Other Harbour Happenings.

With the Arrival of the Largest Container ship todate, a tall ship at anchor, and A US Aircraft carrier all showing up in recent days, its easy to forget other actions still happen daily in the port.

(Above)YM Moderation Put in for the Alliance. The Car Carrier liberty tied up at autoport, and then Moved to Pier 31.

(Above) Acadian sits at anchor waiting to tie up at the Irving Oil wharf. (Below) Atlantic Pegasus departed imperial oil for Sea.

Golden Oak Fixed an issue at anchor, and then proceeded to Imperial Oil.

(Above) The herring Fleet is Still in town, with the morning Star Transiting. (below)The Vera D Arrived just ahead of the ZIM Antwerp, but got out of the way.

Herring fleet is back

The herring fleet started arriving earlier this week. First off was a new “dual venture” with Lady Mellisa and Margaret Elizabeth no1 arriving today.

The fleet is an annual sighting in early May as they follow the fish north

Herring Fleet back again

May brings the annual return of the herring fleet. Most of the usual vessels are back with the addtion of a new vessel has shown up this year, pictured below.

Herring are caught via a Purse Seine. A net is pulled around the school of fish, the bottom pulled tight, which forms a bowl out of the net, and then the fish are pumped into the fish hold on board.

Before and After

Fishing Trawlers end up getting converted to all sorts of stuff. Take Cape Chidley. Built in Pictou in 1976 as the Esther Boyd for Canso Seafood, She fished until 2001, and was laid up in Lunenburg in 2009. Her Surveyed market price was $225,000us.

She evidently found a Buyer, As she is now the M/Y Yacht Hop, and configured as a transport yacht from the Caribbean to French Riviera by a Frenchman.



CCGS Teleost Outbound

Noon hour brought the Departure of Fisheries Research vessel CCGS Teleost. A rare caller in Halifax, She is based in the Newfoundland Region. She was built in 1988 in Norway as a fishing trawler, before being acquired by the coast guard and modified for her new role in 1994.

RCAF Medivac of NF

JRCC Halifax tasked a helicopter from #103Sqn and a #405sqn Aurora aircraft to medevac a 23 Year old Male to St. John’s Yesterday. The injured crew member was successfully extracted from a Fishing Vessel 200 Nautical Miles South South East of St. John’s.

Props to RCAF 103Sqn for their amazing video as of late. This is better then the USCG ones. Hopefully it continues and spreads.

Back Fishing

After a Weeklong layup in port last week, the fishing fleet departed for the  grounds yesterday at noon. Some vessels eturned to offload catch, before heading out to sea again.

The Processors are offloading at Pier 9 this year.

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