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Siem Pilot for Secunda

 The Offshore supply vessel Siem Pilot has been chartered By Scunda to perfrom some work on the Sable Island Gas Project. This required 2 Coasting trade applications.

The ship will be used to accommodate a dive team working to repair a hydraulic control system on the subsea isolation valve in the Sable Island gas field, east of Halifax, Nova Scotia. In addition, the ship will install grout bags, reinforced bars and weighted mattresses using a remotely operated vehicle.

UPDATE: Much Better Photo

Top 10 Interesting Ships to Visit Halifax

1. Suction Dredge HAM 318













2. Fairlane with tug
Jumbo Shipping Carries Heavy Items – Including other Vessels.

3. M/V Swan delivers Seajacks Kraken
A Dockwise vessel brought the Jackup platform Seajacks Kracken.











4. M/VTern and HMCS Chicoutimi
Dockwise vessel to bring damaged Submarine to Victoria

5. Arcegy Falcon
A pipe Laying vessel that was working on the Deep Panuke Project.

6. HMS Protector – A bright red warship? yep.


7. Dockwise Triumph And Rowan Gorilla III
Another Dockwise vessel – this time with a Drill Rig onboard.

8. USNS Grapple
US Navy Salvage Tug. She stopped on her way to recover US Airman found in an aircraft from the second world war.

9.USNS Wright – She is a Aviation Logistics Support Ships built for the United States Navy in 1968. She Provides the Marine Corps with helicopter support.

10. Amazon
Amazon is a 102-foot (31 m) long screw schooner ex-steam yacht built in 1885 at the private Arrow Yard of Tankerville Chamberlayne in Southampton

EDIT: Hmm. Perhaps I had too many Dockwise vessels. To correct that See 10A and B below.

10a)Turanor Solar 
worlds largest Solar powered Ship

10b)FGS Planet 
German Navy research Vessel with Swath Hull.

Celine at Pier 27

The General Cargo Carrier Celine backing into Pier 27 This morning. Built in 2001, She comes in at 6300DWT, and is 129m long. She is Owned and managed by Enzian Ship Management of Zurich, Switzerland, and is Swiss Registered.

Equipped with two 60ton Cranes, She is Equipped for Heavy lift, can carry 560TEU, or Bulk products in her hold. She was last in Poland, and appears laden, so I suspect she has another load of rails for CN.

New Schooner to be built in Lunenburg

Westergard and Sons are excited to announce the successful agreement with the Waterfront Development Corporation to lease the famous Bluenose Shed on the historic Lunenburg Waterfront. The long unattended building will be revived to its original purpose for the construction of a 60′ gaff-rigged schooner for the Blue Dream Project. This is also the Shed that the Bounty Was constructed in.

The Alaskan yellow cedar for the Blue Dream Project has arrived at the Bluenose shed in Lunenburg. The planking was sourced in BC and eventually shipped via rail to Halifax, and then by truck to  Lunenburg, NS. So accurate is the sawing that the planks will not need to be dressed before hanging them on the new schooner. This is a new shipment but the same species of wood used in the planking for the Twin Schooner Project, Built up the road at the Dory Shop.

Seismic supply vessel Mainport Pine


The seismic supply vessel may port pine arrived this morning ad tied up at pier 25. But like an offshore supplier she is purpose built to swap crews and supply’s on seismic survey vessels. In the past smaller offshore supply vessels have filled this role.

Mayport Pine was delivered earlier this year.

MOL Paramount Returns

Today brought the Foged in arrival of the MOL Paramount for Fairview Cove. the MOL Paramount is now running as part of the G6 Service, Previously serviced by APL and Hapag-llyod Vessels.

MOL Paramount previously visited Halifax as part of a shared service with K-Line. In that Service, 3 MOL vessels rotated with K-lines *Bridge Vessels. The Photo Above is from that Service.


Shipfax reports that on entering the harbour narrows, MOL Paramount had a control issue, and came dangerously close to the Dockyard. Adm. John Newton, Commander of MARLANT, tweeted the following pictures, presumably taken from his office, just past the Macdonald bridge.

The Second image is most interesting, as it shows crew on the roof of the bridge, which is typically setup as an emergency conning Position.

Looking at the vessel tracks, they are not abnormal – note that the track is well away from the force protection booms, and even aligns with what we expect in our monthly traffic average image.

Product Tanker Helit bay Aground in St Lawrence

The Marshal Islands Flagged tanker Helit Bay is reported aground Between Trois Rivers and Quebec City. She was bound for Montreal From Terneuzen Holland loaded with Urea. It is unclear if she is leaking.

Tugs have been Dispatched and will attempt to re-float her on the next high tide. Trois-Rivers lists a 20cm tidal range. The TSB will be investigating.© ft011291@PLANET

The Vessel was built in 2009 by Turkter Shipyard in Istanbul, Turke, and is Owned and Manged by Turkish firm Vbg Shipping & Trading. She is 163m long, and Drafts 9.2m.

She floated off with tug assistance and is reported to be undamaged, and continued on her way

Update – top image via TSB. Grounded vessel with Group Ocean Tug in Attendance.

French Naval Survey Vessel FS Laplace to visit in July.

Reports are that the French Navy Hydrographic Survey Ship FS Laplace will be updating the Surveys around the French Islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. As prt of the voyage, there will be port visit in Halifax for July 1.

A member of the The Lapérouse class of Hydrographic survey ships,  The three ships in class were commissioned into the French Navy between 1988 – 1991.

A791 Lapérouse
A792 Borda
A793 Laplace

The French Naval/Coastguard presence in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is handled by Fulmar, (Second Post)who makes a regular July stop in Halifax, Usually for Canada Day, or the Start of RNSYS’s Halifax – Saint Pierre race.

Other recent French Naval Visits include stops by Destroyer FS Aquitaine; Tug Malabar;and Sail Training Vessels Belle Poule and Étoile;

Queen Express to Anchor

the Product Tanker Queen Express arrived and anchored this morning. She will move to IOL at some point. Acadian is Currently inbound, and will birth at IOL so she will likely dock after Acadian leaves, or HMCS Athabaskan is finished Fueling.

the 28,000gt Panamainian Flagged tanker was built in 2009 by Shin Kurushima Onishi Shipyard in
Imabari, Japan and is owned and managed by Fuyo Kaiun of Osaka, Japan

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