Top 10 Interesting Ships to Visit Halifax

1. Suction Dredge HAM 318













2. Fairlane with tug
Jumbo Shipping Carries Heavy Items – Including other Vessels.

3. M/V Swan delivers Seajacks Kraken
A Dockwise vessel brought the Jackup platform Seajacks Kracken.











4. M/VTern and HMCS Chicoutimi
Dockwise vessel to bring damaged Submarine to Victoria

5. Arcegy Falcon
A pipe Laying vessel that was working on the Deep Panuke Project.

6. HMS Protector – A bright red warship? yep.


7. Dockwise Triumph And Rowan Gorilla III
Another Dockwise vessel – this time with a Drill Rig onboard.

8. USNS Grapple
US Navy Salvage Tug. She stopped on her way to recover US Airman found in an aircraft from the second world war.

9.USNS Wright – She is a Aviation Logistics Support Ships built for the United States Navy in 1968. She Provides the Marine Corps with helicopter support.

10. Amazon
Amazon is a 102-foot (31 m) long screw schooner ex-steam yacht built in 1885 at the private Arrow Yard of Tankerville Chamberlayne in Southampton

EDIT: Hmm. Perhaps I had too many Dockwise vessels. To correct that See 10A and B below.

10a)Turanor Solar 
worlds largest Solar powered Ship

10b)FGS Planet 
German Navy research Vessel with Swath Hull.

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