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Posible Tall Ships Atendees.

The Following vessels are showing as confirmed at preceeding stops on the 2012 Tall Ships tour. As not all vessels make all the stops, it is likely that not all will visit Halifax.

Appledore V
Picton Castle
Pride of Baltimore II
La Belle Poule
Sir Martin II
Mystic Whaler
The Gazela
The Tree of Life
The Providence
Spirit of Massachusetts

UPDATE: The Following  Tall Ships America Member Vessels are showing as appearing in Halifax.

First Call as Dallas Express

Another first time caller (Kind of) to Halifax, Dallas Express arrived and tied up at Fairview Cove.

This Vessel is the former Antwerpen Express who was a regular in Halifax. She Emerged as Dallas Express early this year after emerging from Dry Dock in Hong Kong.

Best guess is that a new vessel will be named Antwerpen Express in the Near future.

Replacing Preserver and Protectur

The Protectur Class AOR’s were commisioned in 1970. Now over 40 years old, they are Long in need of replacement, and in 2006 the first RFP went out.

 Act 1. “Aircraft Carriers”

Panned by the oposition and the media as Aircraft Carriers, the Joint support ship as originalay envisioned would serve not just the Replenishment Role, But would also feature a Hospital, Command and Control Capabilities, Helecopter Faclities, and a Landing Dock able to deploy vehicles.

Around the same time, the Dutch undertook a simalar program, and developed a simalar set of requirements. They Came up with the Karel Doorman class support ship. Canada Balked at the Cost, The Dutch Went ahead. The first Dutch vessel will be Delivered in 2014.

 Act 2. “what do our friends use?”

With the JSS Now too expensive, The government went looking for Other options. They First found the Berlin Class, in use by the German Navy. They are mostly a traditional AOR, but have a hospital, can carry cargo, and have a flight deck. Option 2 was the Cantabria Class, in Use with the Spanish Navy. it is simalar in features to the Berlin Class, though slightly smaller. Negotiations to secure one of these designs for Canadian use failed, and with that, on to act 3.

Act 3. “Finally!?” 
New Design Contracts were awarded to BMT Fleet Technology of Kanata, ON and TysenKrupp (TKMS). BMT will be designing a new vessel, which will likely be a a variation of their AEGIR-18 Design, while TKMS will offer a Modified version of the Berlin Class. The Winner of this Competition will be Built by the Vacouver shipyard under the National Ship Procurment Strategy.

Anapa – In For Repairs?

The Bulker Anapa Anchored in Anchorage 1 Friday. The presence of a tug suggests she had to power down her engine. Vessels at anchor need to maintain a constant Anchor watch, and have power available in case the anchor begins to drag, or then need to move to avoid a collision.

Victoria Class Submarine Update

The Much maligned Victoria Class Submarine program is finally making some Headway.
HMCS Windsor is being prepaired to move off the Sychrolift at the shipyard and to be put back into the water. Sources indicate this will happen in April.

HMCS Victoria (Above, DND Photo) has so far made the most Progress. She emerged from Reft, Has been Degaused In bangor washington at the US Navy’s Submarine base, And has Sucessfully dived and fired torpedos.

HMCS Cornerbrook, the One working submarine is tied up in Esquimalt, after suffering damage in a collision with the bottom. It will be going into an extended maintinace period. HMCS Chicoutimi is Also in BC Though heavily damaged by the fire that occured on her delivery trip.

HMCS Preserver Update

CBC News is reporting that HMCS Preserver’s Commander has been relived of command Following the Collision with the Nova Dock.

The Damage to The Nova Dock has been Repaired, as has the Damage to Preserver. Preserver was Seen Docked at the Magazine Jetty in the Bedford Basin, a sign that she is now loaded and ready for duty.

Update: HMCS Preserver was seen operating outside Halifax.

Tall Ship Simón Bolívar

The Venezuelan Navy tall ship Simon Bolivar Arrived today and tied up at the Cable Wharf. She will be here until the 24th

The Ship open to the public:
March 19 2pm-6pm
March 20 9am-Noon and 4pm–6pm
March 21, 22 & 23 9am – 6pm

For More – See Wikipedia

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