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Operation Cutlass Fury Sail-past

To begin Operation Cutlass Fury, the participating forces performed a sailpast as they put to sea. The 2 supply ships sailed earlier this morning, and the 2 submarines at Shearwater are due to depart this afternoon. I missed the Lead Ship, A CPF. She was followed by USS BULKELEY









The French FREMM class frigate (above)FS LANGEUDOC is one of the Newest warships, where as the Canadian Tribal HMCS Athabaskan (below) is literally the oldest.




Joining the parade, but not part of the Exercises are Maritime Coastal defense Vessels Goose Bay (above) and Summerside (below)



Bringing up the Rear was HMCS Windsor. Also Notable was the New Cyclone overflying with 2 seakings.


Windsor on trials in Basin

HMCS Windsor was spotted on trials in the basin this afternoon.
Photo from a reader via the Facebook page

DND Press release:

HMCS Windsor Returns to Sea

NR – 12.022 – December 14, 2012
OTTAWA – Her Majesty’s Canadian Submarine (HMCS) Windsor returned to sea yesterday at Halifax, N.S., officially marking the completion of a deep maintenance cycle known as an Extended Docking Work Period.

“HMCS Windsor’s return to sea is a key milestone and her crew now embarks on another challenging journey as they focus on operations at sea,” said The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence. “I commend the outstanding efforts of Windsor’s crew, our Fleet Maintenance Facilities and of industry that have brought us to this point.”

“Over the next few months, Windsor will conduct additional crew training and trials on her path to high readiness,” said Vice-Admiral Paul Maddison, Commander Royal Canadian Navy. “This milestone builds on the achievements of HMCS Victoria and is another important step towards the Victoria-class Submarine Fleet achieving steady state.”

With the completion of the Extended Docking Work Period, HMCS Windsor will now conduct a series of sea trials, crew training and certifications to prepare for future operations, a process known as the Tiered Readiness Program. HMCS Windsor’s Tiered Readiness Program will closely resemble the one conducted by HMCS Victoria, the first Victoria-class Submarine to become operational and weapons certified to fire MK 48 Heavyweight Torpedoes.

The Victoria-class Submarine Fleet continues to progress towards steady state when three of four submarines will be available for operations. This will include a high readiness submarine available on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, HMCS Windsor and HMCS Victoria respectively, with a third submarine, HMCS Chicoutimi, available at standard readiness. HMCS Corner Brook will rotate into an Extended Docking Work Period in 2013. An Extended Docking Work Period provides the submarines’ 200-plus systems with the maintenance and upgrades needed to conduct operations on behalf of Canadians.

DND Photo

See for the current status of all 4 submarines.

HMCS Windsor On Trials – Camber Dive Test

HMCS Windsor coming off the dock for trials. This is her first time away from the dock, since she was  taken off the synchro lift on April 11.  She was Secured to both Sides, for a Camber Dive Test.
The completion of the camber diveis a a critical milestone in the submarine’s work period. A multitude of trials and confidence checks are conducted during the dive to verify the submarine’s watertight integrity and correct functioning of key escape systems. 
Below – Blowing Ballast

(Below) Decks awash (Above) Stern Going Down

 The crew will presumably be looking for leaks, as well as testing the boats ability to come back up.
HMCS Windsor will be the Second Submarine to become operational. HMCS Victoria is currently Operational, and recently participated in RimPAC 2012 and Joint US/Canada Task Group Exercise (TGEX). HMCS Cornerbrook was operational, but was damaged when she went aground. She is up next for refit. HMCS Chicoutimi is In Victoria, Heavily damaged by the fire on her delivery cruise. Work is underway to make her operational.
UPDATE 08/11: She returned to the dock this morning around 0800

Sub HMCS Windsor – Back in the Water.

HMCS Windsor returned to halifax Harbour just past noon today. After Some addtional in water Quay side tests, she will proceed to conduct a series of sea trials. In the Top picture she has just been pulled off the Synchrolift. Bellow, the tugs are Positioning to move her along side the jetty.

Shipfax Caught the action from the Halifax Side, and Had the benifit of having the sun to his back

Victoria Class Submarine Update

The Much maligned Victoria Class Submarine program is finally making some Headway.
HMCS Windsor is being prepaired to move off the Sychrolift at the shipyard and to be put back into the water. Sources indicate this will happen in April.

HMCS Victoria (Above, DND Photo) has so far made the most Progress. She emerged from Reft, Has been Degaused In bangor washington at the US Navy’s Submarine base, And has Sucessfully dived and fired torpedos.

HMCS Cornerbrook, the One working submarine is tied up in Esquimalt, after suffering damage in a collision with the bottom. It will be going into an extended maintinace period. HMCS Chicoutimi is Also in BC Though heavily damaged by the fire that occured on her delivery trip.