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Carnival Legend, redirected

The Cruise Ship Carnival Legend made an unscheduled stop in Halifax today. the ship Was on a 14 day cruise to Greenland, departing Baltimore, Maryland September Second, then sailing for Nanortalik (Due 08 Sep) and Qaqortoq, (09 Sep) before heading to St Anthony, Newfoundland (11 Sep); Corner Brook, (12 Sep); Sydney, Nova Scotia (13 Sep) before returning to; Baltimore,on the 16th

The cruise cancelled the 2 stops in Greenland, Sailing to Corner Brook on the 8th, Sydney on the 9th, St Anthony on the 11th, Halifax on the 13th, then back to Baltimore. Its unclear why the ship cancelled the Greenland stops, as the cruise is still going the full length. there is some heavy weather in the west coast of Greenland, that might be a factor.

Carnival Legend is Scheduled to be back in Halifax on the 19th, part of a new england /east coast trip out of Baltimore. Ship photo was taken in Tampa Florida a few years ago.

Ocean Explorer aground in Greenland

The Expedition Cruise ship Ocean Explorer grounded Monday in Alpefjord, within the boundaries of the North East Greenland National Park. the ship tried to free itself twice with out luck, and a third attempt with the Fisheries research vessel Tarajoq pulling also failed Wednesday.

The HDMS Kund Rasmussen, a Danish Offshore Patrol vessel is due late Friday. the Sirius Sled Dog Patrol, a unit of the Danish Navy, is on scene with 2 small boats, and is providing updates and imagery.

From the latest photos below, she looks to be well up on a ledge, that seems to drop off just below the lifeboats.

Updates to Follow.

Fleet Week Review

Generally i was pretty happy with fleet week, for a first event. The ship selection could have been better, and it would have been better if the week, was actually a week, and not just 4 days.

The American Ship had a not so long line, that took forever to get through, and some signage indicating it was the line for the US Ship only would have been Helpful. (also there was no shade, and the line looked to be around waste containers, and a transformer vent made part of the line quite loud.

Beyond that, Freddy was disorganized, and the Moncton’s gang plank was way to steep.

More in the Video Above.

An Inside look at the AOPS

HMCS Margaret Brooke was open for public tours today as part of Halifax Fleet Week. This marks the first public tours of an AOPS in Canada (HMCS Harry Dewolf was open to the public in Boston earlier this year.)

I have to say, she is a very nice ship, and it seems lessons from the Asterix were incorporated in the design of this ship.

Fleet Week Visits

With the first ever fleet week taking place later this week, we have some updates. Yesterday saw the arrival of HMS Portland to the dockyard. USS Porter is due tomorrow.

The Halifax Fleet week tour schedule has been Released, with ships open 9-4 Friday and Saturday. Note that HMS Portland is currently scheduled to only be open Friday. Access to the dockyard is via HMCS Scotian, next to the Casino

HMCS Fredericton @ Tall Ships Quay.
HMCS Moncton @ Sackville Landing
HMCS Glace Bay @ Alderney Landing
USS Porter @ HMC Dockyard
HMS Portland @ HMC Dockyard
HMCS Margaret Brooke @ HMC Dockyard.

I suspect there will be more then 2 foreign vessels participating in the Cutlass Fury exercise, as the original release indicated French and German vessels, as well as USS James E. Williams. If the Tour list is expanded, I will keep this post updated.

Sunday Noon to 1300 is the Sail Past as the ships head out for Cutlass Fury.

UPDATE: Additional Cutlass Fury arrivals Friday morning 0830-0900 at Pilot station: Destroyer USS James E Williams and Supply ship USNS William Mclean, both heading for the dockyard. An unnamed USN nuclear submarine is also due for shearwater.

the USNS William Mclean (Above) is a Lewis and Clark dry supply ship, and is named after the Navy Physicist who developed the sidewinder missile.

The exercise will conclude on the 22nd, and some ships will return to Halifax then.


An odd vessel tied up at Pier 9 recently. Layla is a small cargo ship and features two 3mt derricks. the ship also looks to have a cable handling roller on the bow.

Layla is one of three ships belonging to South African firm Mertech Marine, which specializes in recovering and recycling sub sea cable. Founded in 1998, Mertech claims to have recover 75,000km of disused subsea cable.

Layla was built in 1975 in the Netherlands, and was rebuilt in 2008. The ship is 65m long, and is powered by a Caterpillar 3512 engine producing 749KW of power.

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