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Siem Dorado at Pier 9

Siem Dorado is tied up at Pier 9. the Offshore construction vessel is at the cable terminal, and looks to be outfitting for a cable job. You can see the stern has added cable handling equipment.

There is no active coasting trade application open, so the job is not likely in Canadian Waters.

Siem is the Parent of Dartmouth based Secunda Marine.

IT Integrity Arrives

International Telecoms new Vessel IT Integrity arrived at pier 9 over the weekend. the cable ship is a Converted Offshore Supply Vessel, and its acquisition was announced in the beginning of April. the ship, compared to the rendering looks to be missing some equipment, so its likely going to spend some time alongside getting fitted out.


Markab on Feb 8.

Markab returned to pier 9 this morning. it was last here Feb 8., before sailing to Bridgetown Barbados. Built in Norway in 1976, the ship now is operated by Furgo, and was likely conducting a subsea survey.

International Telecom Adds a Vessel

the ship is the Rolls Royce UT75L design Platform Supply vessel. It was acquired from Gulfmark and was last reported in Stavinger Norway.

From the renderings above, it looks as though the ship will be modified to perform cable handling work.I have been told that the ship has spent the last month in dry dock, with the Bulk tanks below deck being replaced with a cable tank.

IT Telecom operates from the Maritime Cable Base at Pier 9. IT Telecom currently operates IT Intrepid . IT Interceptor was apparently chartered, and since the end of 2014 has been working as the Italian Cable ship Antonio Meucci – though her class certificates were revoked in January as a survey was not completed – likely due to Corona Virus.

Cable ship Ile D’Aix

The french cable ship Ile D’aix spent some time at International telecom at pier 9, sailing last night. the ship is owned by Alcatel Lucent. On a visit last year, the ship leaked oil into the harbour and was detained by Transport Canada.

This years stop was uneventful.

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