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CSL’s Newest Ship

Nukumi arrived in Halifax and tied up at pier 25. the ship is owned and operated by CSL for Windsor salt and was specifically designed to service Windsor’s Magdalen Islands salt mines. It is the first Diesel Electric Laker, and the first bulk carrier in Canada to have single point loading. The single loading point means the ship will not have to shift along its berth to line up with the ship loading equipment to fill all the holds.

Construction of the ship began in August 2020, and the ship departed Jiangyin, China for Halifax at the end of January.

PSA Halifax Updates – ships and New Cranes

Saturday saw Maersk Patras (Above) and Contship Leo at Pier 41/42 respectively. Contship Leo operates on ZIM’s Canada Feeder Express service between Halifax, New York and Kingston Jamaica. Maersk Patras serves the 2m Alliance’s St Laurent 1 Service with stops in Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Montreal and Halifax.

CMA CGM Alexander von Humboldt spent yesterday at pier 42, with Oceanex Connaigra at pier 41. At 16000teu, CMA CGM Alexander von Humboldt is amoung the largest ships to call in Halifax.

With more Large ships on the way, PSA Halifax Announced the Purchase of 2 more SPPX Ship to shore gantry cranes. The New Cranes are set to be delivered in early 2023. one was an exercised option from the last purchase, and the other is net new. they will join the existing Cranes at Pier 41/42

The PSA Release includes quotes from Kevin Piper, president of the Halifax Council of ILA Locals, which is notable as evidence of a good relationship between the major Halifax terminal operator and labour.

Torm Voyager at Irving Woodside

the products tanker Torm Voyager arrived at Irving Woodside this evening. The Danish flagged tanker is carrying product from Irving Oil’s facility in the Netherlands. The ship Sailed from Ijmuiden on the 5th.

the ship was built in 2008.

SD Victoria at the Dockyard

The SD Victoria Arrived February 10th, and has been at the dockyard ever since. It recently moved to a more photogenic berth, and i was able to get a picture. The ship is operated by Serco, which holds a contract with the UK MOD to provide support services to the British Armed Forces, and also operates the RCAF Air base in Goose Bay.

The SD Victoria is a support ship used to provide service to the Royal Navy. Its trip here was in support of some diving exercises, and remained to conduct some repairs. the ship is expected to sail next week.

Cable activity at Pier 9

The general cargo vessel Franbo Lohas tied up at pier 9 to install cable tanks. the ship will then likely sail to Newington, NH to load cable at the manufacturer.

the ship was built in 2016 as Thorco Lohas. Thorco vessels have been common visitors at pier 9 to load cable handling equipment over the years. Thorco sold the ship to Franbo last year.

IT Integrity also arrived back at pier 9. the ship is a converted 755-L platform supply vessel that was converted for cable work.

Research Vessel Atlantis

The Research Vessel Atlantis arrived this morning and tied up at BIO. The Vessel will likely be assisting with some Science missions that would normally be done by the now retired Hudson.

Built in 1998, The ship is owned by the US Navy, and is assigned to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. The ship is one of 3, the others being operated by Scripps university and NOAA.

Atlantis is also configured to carry the Alvin Deep Submergence vessel that was used to explore the Titanic.

CCGS Kolpit Hopson 1752 to IEL

Presumably with the sale of Shelburne ship repair set to close shortly, the CCGS Kolpit Hopson 1752 was towed to IEL in woodside, arriving this morning.

The Ship was formerly named CCGS Edward Cornwallis, and was renamed as part of an extensive life extension that saw the ship re-powered, and its buoy handling derrick replaced with a crane. The refit began at Shelburne Ship repair in January 2021, and the new name for the ship was announced last march.

Shelburne Ship Repair Sold

Shelburne Ship repair has been sold by Irving Shipbuilding to Mersey Seafoods. Since 2014, Shelburne Ship repair has been the center of commercial ship repair work for Irving, with none happening in Halifax. Halifax shipyard has been focused on Building the AOPS, and frigate maintenance work.

Shelburne Ship Repair in 2011

All 67 employees at the yard will be retained by Mersey Seafoods. Shelburne Ship repair underwent significant upgrades in 2011, including a new marine railway. The total bill for the upgrades was 16milliion dollars. Shelburne Ship Repair can work on vessels up to 229 metres long, and the marine railway is capable of lifting two vessels weighing up to 4,200 tonnes each.

Since the Upgrade, the yard has conducted work on dozens of vessels including the refit on the CCGS Kolpit Hopson 1752, which was brought to Dartmouth for completion, Presumably to allow the sale to close with no work left in the yard.

Mersey Seafoods operates a number of Fishing Vessels, and is based in Liverpool Nova Scotia. Their trawler Mersey Phoenix is currently undergoing a work period in Spain.

Mersey Phoenix at Pier 9

The sale could signal that Irving is looking to focus solely on Government work under the NSPS, or they could be looking to do more repair work in Halifax. Halifax Shipyard is set to conduct its first  commercial ship repair work in a number of years.  

The yard is scheduled to conduct maintenance and Inspections on four Atlantic Towing platform supply vessels supporting the Hibernia and Hebron projects off Newfoundland. The Atlantic Shrike, Atlantic Griffon, Atlantic Heron, and Paul A Sacuta were constructed in 2016 and entered service in 2017.  The 4 ships are built to Daemen’s PSV 5000 Design, and are virtually identical, though the Paul A Sacuta features an 100ton capacity offshore crane.  

The coasting trade application indicates that each ship will be lifted out of the water for 7 days, and the 4 ships will be done sequentially, between February 15th at the earliest and concluding by May 31. The ships are due for their 5 year class surveys.

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