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CN Adds Trains to Port of Halifax

CN Rail has added two trains to Halifax. Q122 and Q123 begin this month, joining existing trains Q120 and Q121 (inbound and outbound respectively) . The trains offer 26-hour service to Montreal, 35 hours to Toronto, and 56 to Chicago.

CP has actively been marketing the Port of Saint John, so this improved service is seen as a way to compete.

CN also announced 15million in maintenance in Nova Scotia in the coming year, including replacing 4 miles of track, and several level crossings.

I previously posted an overview of Halifax area rail operations

Vistula Maersk at PSA Atlantic Hub

Vistula Maersk made it to pier 42 after waiting in the outer anchorage for a couple of days. Vistula Maersk is named for the longest river in Poland, and is the first of Maersk’s V-Class to enter service in 2018. Rated at 3600TEU, they are built to Ice class 1A

the V-class ships were built to serve northern europen routes, serving russia. With Ukraine sanctions in place, the ships have been reassigned.

Last nights arrival of of Navarino is still being worked at Pier 41. at Fairview Cove, NYK Deneb has the western berth, with Nolhan Ava working the East.

Stacking Container ships

(Above) MSC Pratti at Pier 42. The ship has called in Halifax before as ZIM Pusan. Pier 41 was just vacated by the outbound CMA-CGM J. Adams, to be replaced with the Inbound Navarino (Below)

Fairview Cove saw Humen Bridge move from the pier to anchor in the basin and MSC Alyssa move from the anchorage in the basin to the Pier. Humen Bridge is due to sail overnight.

Due tomorrow are Vistula Maersk, currently waiting in the outer anchorage for Pier 42, and NYK Deneb Bound for Fairview Cove.

Atlantic Hub

CMA-CGM Corte Real and Contship Leo spent Saturday at PSA Halifax’s Atlantic Hub Terminal calling on piers 41 and 42 respectively. CMA-CGM Corte Real is named after a portugese explorer. the ship was delivered in 2010, and is rated for 13,800TEU.

Contship Leo is operating on ZIM’s feeder service to Kingston Jamaica. the ship is rated for 1118 TEU, and was delivered in 2008.

PSA Halifax Updates – ships and New Cranes

Saturday saw Maersk Patras (Above) and Contship Leo at Pier 41/42 respectively. Contship Leo operates on ZIM’s Canada Feeder Express service between Halifax, New York and Kingston Jamaica. Maersk Patras serves the 2m Alliance’s St Laurent 1 Service with stops in Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Montreal and Halifax.

CMA CGM Alexander von Humboldt spent yesterday at pier 42, with Oceanex Connaigra at pier 41. At 16000teu, CMA CGM Alexander von Humboldt is amoung the largest ships to call in Halifax.

With more Large ships on the way, PSA Halifax Announced the Purchase of 2 more SPPX Ship to shore gantry cranes. The New Cranes are set to be delivered in early 2023. one was an exercised option from the last purchase, and the other is net new. they will join the existing Cranes at Pier 41/42

The PSA Release includes quotes from Kevin Piper, president of the Halifax Council of ILA Locals, which is notable as evidence of a good relationship between the major Halifax terminal operator and labour.

March 21- The Largest Container ship to Call on Halifax.

The CMA-CGM Thomas Jefferson is due at PSA Halifax on March 21. At 14,414 teu, she will set the record for largest container ship to call. The previous record was set last January by CMA-CGM Libra at 11,388. sister ship CMA-CGM Abraham Lincon is also scheduled, as is the 13800teu APL Sentosa.

Largest ship to call in Canada was the Cosco Himalayas at 14,500teu. It’s first call was in Prince Rupert in 2017, and still holds the record.

Both Records will fall this june when the 15072 teu CMA-CGM Panama arrives, beating both east and west records. the ship is currently Due June 6th.

Columbus JAX service.

All the Recent record beaters have operated on the CMA-CGM Columbus JAX service, which sails from asia to both the east and west coasts. 18 vessels provide weekly service, and 1 voyage takes 126 days.

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