Container ship Size Records

When it was built in 2005, Hapag-Lloyds Colombo Express was the largest containership in the world. That record is now held by the 23964teu HMM Algeciras. Until 2015, the Port of halifax featured a regular slate of Panamax and Post Panamax ships in the 5-6000teu range.

Below is the list of Record Holders, sorted by teu.

CMA-CGM Brasil  15,072teu  Sept 10 2020  (Canadian Record)
COSCO Himalayas  14,500teu  Nov 14,2017  (Prince Rupert BC – Canadian Record)
CMA-CGM T. Jefferson  14,414teu  March 21, 2020  
Antwerpen Express 13,200teu May 8, 2017 (Deltaport BC – Canadian record)
CMA-CGM Libre 11,365teu  Jan 12, 2019  
APL Salalah  10,960teu  March 17, 2018  
ZIM Antwerp  10,064teu  June 29, 2017  
CMA-CGM Tage 9365teu  May 28, 2016  
USAC ZAMZAM  9036teu  Oct 19, 2015  
Budapest Express  8749teu  Aug 8 2015  
CMA-CGM Vivaldi  8478teu  Aug 3, 2015  


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