Monthly Archives: April 2011

Traffic Jam

How Many vessels are in motion in this Picture?

CSL Atlas is Outbound with Tug Atlantic Fir Returning to Woodside. Italy Express is Inbound with Tugs Atlantic Oak and Atlantic Willow Attached. The Ferry Dartmouth III on the woodside run is waiting for all this to pass, and a Navy Polution Control vessel is towing yellow oil boom in the Back.

Atlantic Huron Returns

Atlantic Huron Sailed earlier this afternoon, but returned to port around 6pm, Likely due to a problem of some sort – as seen by her track, she made it to the pilot station before turning around and heading to anchorage 6.

Atlantic Huron must have had a tough time in the wind at National Gypsum yesterday, as Atlantic oak, Followed by Atlantic fir was in attenance for most of the day.




First Cruise Ship of the Season

The Princess Danae arrived in port this morning, the First Cruise Ship of the season.
The only other visitor for the Month of April is Maasdam, who will appear almost weekly for the entire season, which peaks in september, and wraps up with Departure of Royal Caribian’s Jewel of the Seas on Oct 27th.

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