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FELEX Update – first 4 done

The Defense minister held a press conference to Announce the The first 4 frigates modernized as part of the FELEX program, HMCS Halifax, Fredericton, Calgary, and Winnipeg are complete, and ready for operational deployment.

For East Coast Boats,
Montreal Is in Post Update workups,
Charlottetown is at the Machine Shop Wharf, St. John’s is in the Graving Dock.
Ville De Quebec is Preparing to go to the shipyard this fall at the dockyard, and HMCS Toronto is on deployment, scheduled to enter the yard in the summer.

HMCS Fredricton will be the first to be deployed, Presumably as HMCS Toronto’s Replacement in the Standing Nato Maritime Group.

Video below shows some of the work done. The ships look to get gutted at the shipyard.

Seabed Prince for Scunda

Secunda has Chartered and obtained a coasting trade application for the Seabed Prince. the vessel will be used to accommodate a dive team that will use remotely operated vehicles to install grout bags, reinforced bars and weighted mattresses at the Export pipeline, near the Thebaud platform in the Sable Island gas field.

Owned and operated by Swire seabed, she is built specifically for ROV Operations.

CMB Mae for Bunkers

The Bulker CMB Mae made a brief stop for bunkers today. Built in 2010, she is equipped with 4 cranes and clam shell buckets, as well as deck stanchions for loads such as logs. She is bound  for Gibraltar, having sailed from Port Cartier

She spent the Afternoon off Dartmouth Cove, and sailed when bunkers were complete.

HDMS Niels Juel for port Visit

The Danish warship HDMS Niels Juel arrived late yesterday afternoon for a visit.  She is the third and final ship of the Iver Huitfeldt class of frigates that entered service with the Royal Danish Navy in 2012 and 2013.

Very similar in design to the Absalon class, these vessels are configured for Area Air Defense – a Role held by the Canadian Iroquois Class. Savings were achieved in design time and construction by re-using the basic design of the Absalon class.

Hopefully better non-phone photo to follow.

Vitagrace to anchor

The Maltese registered Bulker Vitagrace Arrived on the 14th and anchored in the basin. Built in Japan  in 2001, she is owned and manged by the Greek firm Vita Management. She Appears to have arrived from Australia, and may be headed to load Iron Ore at Sept Iles.

Sorry for the bad photo – Its from my phone.

Flinter Tide For Sheet Harbor, with Windmill parts

The General cargo ship Flinter Tide is currently at anchor in the Outer Anchorage, Bound for Sheet Harbour. She has been there for a few days, with a cargo of what appear to be turbine parts.

Built in 2012, she is 130m in Length, and features 2 80ton capacity cranes. The dutch firm Flinter operates numerous general cargo vessels, and are regular callers in Halifax.

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