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2022 in Review

Its time for the Annual year in review post, a tradition now in its 11th year.

Previous Years: 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

We added an Air Arm. I drove to Montreal and stopped to visit HMCS Onadonga in Rimouski, and spent time at the plane spotting park at YUL and there was the titanic experience that wasen’t.

Port and Terminal

With the COVID situation as it is, some things returned to normal. Cruise ships returned, Including Oasis OTS, and Ocean Explorer.The Herring fishing Fleet was back on the waterfront, as were the mega yachts also returned to the waterfront.

PSA announced new cranes for 2023. PSA Also bought the Ceres terminal at Fairview cove. The port finished the infill project at Fairview, and began filling in Basin A1 at the ocean terminals. As a result, Logistec moved thier operation to Pier 9. CN added a daily train

Coast Guard

CCGS Hudson returned to Halifax for the final time, after the decision was taken to retire her following a fire in a generator. As a result, several research vessels paid visits, including NOAA’s Atlantis and RRS James Cook.

CCGS Kolpit Hopson 1752 was moved to Halifax due to the sale of Shelburne ship repair to Mersey sefoods. Kolpit Hopson 1752 was turned back over to the Coast Guard in December.

Notable Traffic

CSL Nukumi made her first call in Canada on her delivery trip. The Norwegian Ferry SVANØY was chartered for use in Quebec. IT Infinity was added to IT Telecom’s fleet Tuffs cove took two tankers, one in January, and one in December

Oceanex Sanderling went for a work period in Europe, which saw Other Oceanex ships cover the route on rotation

Warship Visits and Navy news

Visiting Warships included Submarines USS New Hampshire and USS Delaware . The USS Gerald R Ford and its Carrier strike group also visited. SD Victoria also supported joint exercises with the UK. Op Nanook saw HDMS Triton, FS Rohne and USCGC Bear visit the dockyard, with additional visits by USCGC Morro Bay, USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul, USS Cooperstown, USCGC Tybee, The Irish Naval Vessel LE James Joyce,

with the Invasion of Ukraine, HMCS Halifax Joined HMCS Montreal on Nato duties, and two MCDV’s deployed with the Nato Mine Countermeasures group. Max Bernays underwent trials, was turned over to the navy, and needed a bow thruster repair. Margaret Brooke was commissioned and AOPS#4, William Hall was launched.


MSC Kim went Adrift. Hyundai Force also had engine issues enroute. A sailing vessel was lost, and found. The Hydra Mariner was Removed. The Ferry Holiday Island caught fire, and fleet mate Confederation ran aground. ZIM Vancouver lost both anchors in Heavy Seas

3x CSL

(Above) After taking on a cargo of gypsum, Baie St Paul took the the inner anchorage. the ship is set to sail this evening into the lakes. (below) another CSL Ship, Rt Hon Paul E Martin tied up at the Gold Bond wharf. A Ocean going bulker, its likely headed for Baltimore. CSL Tarantau, another ocean going bulker is waiting in the basin to take its place.

Protostar N for Costco

The Container ship Protostar N is currently hauling cargo for retail giant Costco. The company chartered its own container ship and leased containers to ensure its product could be moved when container supply became constrained and shipping costs skyrocketed last year.

The ship spent the day at Fairview Cove, and sailed in the Evening.

Launching Day for AOPS #4

The Lunching Barge was towed out earlier this morning, and has now begun its slow submersion. Atlantic Willow, and Divers from RMI are on scene

William Hall Floated Free just after 3pm, and was alongside at the shipyard by 4pm. Teh Boa Barge 37 remained in the basin, where it will be refloated, and returned to Halifax Shipyard tomorrow.

At Anchor

(Above) Xpress Machu Picchu arrived this morning from Genova Italy, and went straight to anchor in the basin. Sailing for Melfi Lines, The ship has a date PSA’s Atlantic Hub terminal in the coming days.(Below) Franbo Lohas also took to anchor in the basin earlier in the week, after loading cable tanks at pier 9

It was windy today, and looking at the AIS data, Xpress Machu Picchu (Top Left track), Franbo Lohas (top right track), Polar Circle (middle) and Nolhan Ava (bottom) all moved around considerably.

USCGC Morro Bay port visit.

The USCGC Morro Bay looks to be headed back to the great lakes for the winter. the ship arrived at Tall Ships Quay, by the NSP building, this morning.

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