2014 in Review

2014 was an eventful year at the port of Halifax.

The Fednav Ice Breaking Bulk Carrier Nunavik Stopped briefly on her delivery Voyage. CSL Tacoma, Another new build Bulker also made Several stops this year. BP ran a seismic Survey program over the summer, with familiar and some new vessels working out of Halifax. The Bluenose II finally sailed, though only for a trial. Pier 9c was finished, and went into service, With Onego St.Peterburg being the first vessel to tie up.


HMCS Fredericton was the first FELEX vessel to Deploy, sailing on Dec 30th. She will replace HMCS Toronto. The Tug Firebird was Declared Surplus. HMCS Preserver and HMCS Iroquois were announced that they would be decommissioned, having reached the ends of their serviceable lives.

Once again 2014 was a good year for port visits to the Dockyard. The French made Multiple stops in Halifax in 2014. FS Misteral and FS La Fayette took place in amphibious landing exercise Lion Mistral with the Canadian Army. Fulmar spent a week in July for the start of the Route Halifax Saint Pierre Yacht Race ,and the Survey Vessel FS Laplace, which had completed surveying Saint Pierre.

The end of July brought the NATO SNMG-1 for a visit. The Fleet consisted of  FGS Niedersachsen, TCG Kemalreis, USS Leyte Gulf, USNS Medgar Evers and USS Anzio. The US Coast Gurad was also a Frequent visitor, with USCGC Escanaba visiting in August, USCGC Morro bay in June, and USCGC Tahoma and Campbell stopping in in March.

Rounding out the Visits were The Danish Destroyer  HDMS Nils Jules visited in December, and The Submarine USS New Mexico Tied up at Shearwater in March, and the German Supplier FGS Bonn in Febuary


See our post on Nautical Disasters. 2014 was an eventful year. The tanker AlgoNova caught fire, and Laura 1 was also bumped by the Icebreaker CCGS Henry Larsen, and put in for repairs. In February Asian Emperor  Rolled and destroyed Machinery.  this resulted in our most viewed post ever as Car forums linked to our post, as panicked people awaiting delivery of their new car on the ship tried to figure out if their vehicle was damaged. In March  the tug gulf spray got crushed, and the bulker John 1 went aground off Newfoundland. She was rescued by the tug Ryan Leat. A Container of radioactive material also shut down the Fairview Cove terminal after it fell into the hold of a ship.  In December the Tanker Australian Spirit Lost her rudder, and needed to be towed into port.

Shipyard News.

The 9 Hero Class Vessels for the Coastguard were completed, with #9 Launching in may. With Completion of that program, the Old assembly hall was torn down. The FELEX program continued on, With the First 2 vessels becoming operational.

Shipyard Construction Progressed with the new Assembly building reaching near completion, and the new overhead cranes being installed.



There was much Ferry News in 2014. The New harbour Ferry Christopher Stannix Was delivered, New Ferry was ordered, and is under construction for delivery next year. The province tendered for a new Boat for Grand Passage, and the New Digby-Saint John Ferry, Currently known as Canada2014 arrived in Canada.
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