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Todays arrivals and departures seemed to conflict, causing ships to spend some time in the inner harbour.

Marina Ace went West of Georges Island to allow Oberon to Clear AutoPort.
Zim Panama Went East of Georges to Allow Oceanex Sanderling to clear Pier 42, and allow Stutgart Express to pass West of Georges outbound.
And the Tugs Centaurs and Pegusus arrived in preparation to return PSS Chumel Back to the Gulf of Mexico. All this was complicated by Chumel Sitting at Anchorage 1 with Ryan Leat in attendance.

Earlier in the Day, the Barge Atlantic Sealion came out of the Nova Dock.

Halifax Shipyard News

Pearl Mist
A lawsuit has been filed against Irving Shipbuilding over Pearl Mist. It would appear that the construction is not compliant with The Class society or the Flag State (Marshall Islands) standards, and so the vessel cannot be registered. An Arbitration panel has rulled that the vessel was complete and ready for delivery.

Pearl Mist is currently laid up at the Irving faclity in Shelbourne.

Crane Accident
Seems The shipyard flipped a crane, and dunked a forklift, while attempting to place it on the ferry Holiday Island. No Injuries (other than egos) are reported.

From the Chronicle Herald

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