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HMCS Winipeg Damaged in Allision

Yesterday the American Seafoods Company trawler “American Dynasty” leaving drydock with 2 tugs, Allided with HMCS Winipeg. It is unclear if American Dynastey was being towed, or was under her own power, as reports vary.

Winipeg was tied up at the a navy Jetty in Esquimalt, and was having work done as part of the completion of her FELEX upgrade. Damage is likely considerable, The American Dynasty has a large tringular shapped dent in her bow.

Not a collision? See This Article at gcaptain

Video of the collision was posted on MARPAC’s Facebook page. Warning, Contains Swearing.

 UPDATE: Photos of Damage released by Transportation Safty Board


Upgrades to two of Port of Halifax’s IT Systems.

The Government of Canada has contributed funding towards the integrated port logistics system and the air gap system. The total cost of these two Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is estimated at $660,000, with the federal government contributing up to $330,000 under the Strategic Highway Infrastructure Program. In addition, the Port of Halifax is providing $330,000 towards the completion of these projects.

With larger ships accessing the port, there is a need to continuously monitor vessel clearances under each of the harbour bridges. The upgrading and enhancing of the bridge air gap system will enable the port to identify exactly the ship clearance.

Port operators and shippers will have confidence in the ability of ships to transit beneath the bridge, preventing delays in accessing and leaving the port. These investments will ultimately help reduce levels of emissions and fuel usage and ensure the safety of the bridges and will also result in increased efficiency and safety for port users.

Currently The Largest Hapag Lloyd vessels have lowerable, or offset masts to constrain their Air drafts. Clearance can be as tight as 2 meters – about the height of an average door.

A bit About the Foundation Maritime Company.

For Hundreds of years man has taken to the seas, and for just as long, been telling triumphant sea stories. Stories of triumph over great odds; Bligh’s navigation after the Mutiny on the bounty, and Shackelton’s voyage to South Georgia island come to mind.

Halifax has a history of Sea Stories, Men Left Halifax to fight in multiple wars, Privateers returned with their captured prizes. The stories that came out of Foundation Maritime were so immense, they filled 2 volumes by Farley Mowat; Grey Seas Under, and The Serpents Coil.

Foundation Maritime grew out of the Foundation Company of Canada, which was a construction firm who owned barges and dredges for constructing Harbour works. They needed a Tug, and found the Laid up ex HMS Frisky, now Gustavo Ipland, in Hamburg Germany. They purchased her, and Named her Foundation Franklin in 1930.

Having a tug, eventually led to it being chartered for salvage work, and Foundation Maritime was born. As the years went on, many additional tugs were purchased and chartered, and the business expanded to include terminal operations, towing and salvage. Foundation Maritime shrewdly perusing Business and ships in distress.

For much of its early years, even finding a ship in distress was a problem. Modern electronic navigation systems were not invented yet, and ships were guided by the stars. in a storm, or cloud cover, it could be days before you could confirm your position. This is also the case with the distressed vessel being sought. their position was days old, and may not have even been correct to begin with. if you could reach them on the radio, it might have been possible to RF Direction find them,Though during the wars, this was a asking to be sunk by a uboat.

The Foundation Company of Canada Still exists today as the construction firm AECON. Foundation Maritime Sold its tugs in 1973, Leading to the formation of Eastern Canada Towing and Salvage (EcTug). the tugs retained thier names, however Point was substituted for Foundation in their names. ECTug was then aquired, and became Svitzer Canada. In 2010 they signed a MOU with Atlantic towing, With Atlantic Towing taking over halifax operations, and Svitzer working Port Hawksbury/ Straight of Canso The foundation Maritime wharfs still stand, at the foot of Salter St.

The Tugs of Foundation Maritime
Salvage Work

Photos Are from Mac Mackay. Check out his Shipfax and TugFax Blogs

Yacht for Sale, Now only $14,000,000

The Lone ranger is an impressive yacht, who visitited Halifax back in 2008/2009 (Photo to follow, when I can dredge it out of the archive) It is For sale, and recently under went a price reduction. The yach belongs to Eric Schmit The Google co-founder and chairman.  After an intial asking price of 20million had no takers, the price has recently dropped to $14 million US.

The yacht itself is a converted ocean going salvage tug Built by Schichau-Unterweser in Germany. She was officially launched in Bremerhaven in 1973 before being delivered to the owner bugsier as Simson S. the conversion was done in the early 90’s.

You can read more about the Boat at the yacht brokers site. (Above) The Lone Ranger as Simson S, Via Boatnerd.

French Warship FS Aquitaine visits Halifax

Today brought the arival of the French Warship FS Aquitaine. The Aquitaine is the first of a new class of warship, and is on a long cruise as part of her trials. Her previous stop was in Norfolk Virgina.

The FREMM European multimission frigate is a joint build program with France and Italy as initial buyers/developers. Between them, 21 FREMM frigates will be built. An Addtional Frigate for Moroco will be delivered this year.

for more see the article at Naval Technology

Pearl Mist Update

Pearl Seas Cruises appears to have accepted the ship Pearl Mist.

A statement on the Pearl Seas Website states:
“Pearl Mist left the shipyard in Canada on Saturday, April 13th. The ship is scheduled to arrive at Chesapeake Shipbuilding in the United States on April 17, 2013 for outfitting before going into service in the Spring of 2014”

Pearl Mist was built by Irving Shipbuilding, but on completion was rejected. the case went through the courts, and in the end was subject to a the contracts arbitration clause which found for Irving Shipbuilding.

Full Coverage of Pearl Mist

SS American Victory Tour

The SS American Victory was a US Victory Ship. after serving in the second world war, and korea, she was mothballed to the fleet in Virgina. When she came up for disposal, funds were raised to repair, and tow her to Tampa Fl. She is in full sailing condition, and sails when funds allow.

A full photo tour is available on our Flickr Page.

Other Florida Traffic

(Above) Carnival Paradise departing Tampa
(Below) Bulker Bulk Chile

(Above) USCG Patrol on the Intracoastal  Waterway.
(Below) REM Poseidon, Offshore construction vessel.

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