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SS American Victory Tour

The SS American Victory was a US Victory Ship. after serving in the second world war, and korea, she was mothballed to the fleet in Virgina. When she came up for disposal, funds were raised to repair, and tow her to Tampa Fl. She is in full sailing condition, and sails when funds allow.

A full photo tour is available on our Flickr Page.

Florence M Arrives for Ojibwa

The tug Florence M and the Barge Heddle M1 arrived around 1400 today. They proceeded to Pier Navy L, and will load the former HMCS Ojibwa for transport to Ontario, where she will become a Museum Piece. This same method was  used to transport the previous 2 subs for scrapping, after Onadonga had Issues being towed.

A Bit of History

The 4 Oberon Boats spent much their retired life tied up in a row at jetty Navy L in Dartmouth, though one was used in the movie K19 Widowmaker. The Onadonga was the first to leave in July 2008, bound for the Maritime Museum in Rimouski. Onadonga was towed by the Tug Jerry Newbury, though Towing proved difficult, and the towing bridle parted on the first attempt to leave.

She was eventually towed, though the difficulty was likely he reason to use the barge (which submerges to allow the sub to float on and off.)

HMCS Ojibwa Update

The doubt surrounding the fate of the former HMCS Ojibwa, currently tied up at the Naval Dockyard Annex in Dartmouth has been resolved. Peter Mackay, The minister of Defence, signed an agreement turning over the Sub to the Elgin Military Museum in St. Thomas Ontario.

Onandaga became a museum piece in Rimouski PQ, and Okanagan and Olympus were scrapped last year. Its a shame we chose to save 2 British Boats, But couldn’t be bothered to save HMCS Frasier (or the other 2 Annapolis Class boats) that were designed and built in Canada, and summarily scrapped last year.

UPDATE: The London Free Press is reporting the Tug Florence M is on her way to Halifax from Hamilton to return with the Sub which is scheduled to be Installed on September 8.The Florence M shows an ETA of May 25th for her Halifax arival.

Evans Mckeil, and HM Dock 1

Evans McKeil Arrived with the barge HM Dock 1 and Tied up at Navy L. They will be taking the remaining Oberon Class Submarines to ontrio where 2 will be scrapped, and 1 will be turned into a museum. The 4th was towed to Rimouski PQ, and is already a Museum.

That tow, By the Tug Jerry Newberry had issues with the toeline parting, which I suppose was the reason to transport the remaining subs on a barge.

George’s Island

Alas I was in PEI this past weekend, and Thus Missed Georges Island… But I went last year.
Here are some Pics:

George’s’ Island Light

Inside the Lower battery:

View to Citadel Hill:

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